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I See Floor!

21 Jul

And I can actually close the door to my workroom!


I have now exceeded my personal tolerance for manual labor; time for wine!

The Tide Recedes

28 Jun

As I wrote in this post more than a month ago, most of my home was flooded by a broken water pipe in the guest bathroom.

Many tedious heat and moisture filled hours later, with the last of the boxes unpacked and the furniture relocated to their new stations, my home is finally fit to live in once again.  And that is not only because of the fresh paint and new tile in both guest bedrooms, but because I finally found the strength to tidy up and get rid of a huge amount of clutter.

My crafting area in the breakfast nook is now transformed from this:

to this:

I couldn’t use either of my guest rooms as more than a library and computer room before because they were carpeted.  Now that they are tiled, I moved the guest bedroom furniture to the front guest room and took over the back guest room for my personal use (and why not when I’m the only person living here!).  Now there is room for everything and all the supplies once piled on the breakfast table and floor are now nicely stored away and my new folding table is the perfect size and height for my artistic endeavors.

Sometimes the “bad” things that happen in life turn out to have a very happy ending!

Where I Play with the Fae – Revisited

27 Jan

Last Saturday, Renate showed off her reorganized workspace and immediately Sloth and Envy stood up, walked over, climbed up onto my shoulder, and sat squarely on top of my head.  Carrying Sloth and Envy around on the top of your head is very heavy and gives one a mighty bad headache.  Thank you, Evagrius Ponticus, for leaving us such a deadly legacy.

Thankfully, I already had a bit of a plan going on to cure the mighty mess of supplies and tools that has spread throughout my 3 bedroom home, but which didn’t stop at bedrooms but included the dining room, the kitchen, and the master bathroom.  I had tried to organize all the little bits and bobs into jelly jars, and now had 3 cases of glass jelly jars everywhere (that’s 36 jars), like on top of the stove and the bathroom counter top, plus they were proving not to be as visually accessible as I had imagined when I came up with that plan.

Then I discovered the wonderful world of blister packs.  I finally found the glass slipper of bits and bobs organization that fits my needs perfectly.  However, made to hang on those metal arms in stores, where (once I’d filled every single one I’d purchased) was I going to store all the little packs of storage?

One google and one trip to Target later, minus $50 bucks, and my world began to transform.  No more Sloth; his ass went slinking out the door in shame!  No more Envy; I can’t compete with Renate on any level, but I tell myself I’m a work in process and the fae agree — getting there is more than half the fun!

So, here’s a reminder of how my workspace looked on January 18th:

What you didn’t get to see then was all the stuff on the floor, just out of sight, and all the supplies scattered throughout the house.  Here is the same workspace today:

Here is $50 worth of storage: 4 sets of 3 drawers and one wide 5 drawer rolling cart (the 3 drawers on top of the cart are still empty and so are most of the drawers in the cart *SQUEE!*):

The blister packs are crystal clear and come in 3 sizes.  This is the crystal drawer:

This drawer is glass beads; there’s a drawer for natural stones/semi-precious gems:

All my polymer clay is in the bottom drawers, it’s really heavy!  Now it’s even further from sun, heat and dust.

There are still many jars hanging around and lots more stuff that needs to be sorted and stored, so it’s good that mega amounts of blister packs are on their way!

Now my basket of tools is at a height where I can actually see into it, although I’ll probably replace the poor thing:

Here are some pieces of jewelry I’m fooling around with for Valentine’s Day:

Work in progress, work in progress, just like life, everything is work in progress…

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