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Garden Story

8 Aug

I moved my tomatoes and bell peppers outside a few weeks ago because death was imminent.  No green fingers have I!  I leave all things green and growing to the Goddess, and if she kills it I don’t feel too bad.  A combination of more sun and cooler temperatures has not only saved the plants that Gary gave me, they have tripled in size!  Goddess bless!

The peppers are happily peppering:

And the tomatoes are getting tomatoey:

I had to add another rung to the bamboo cage, they have grown so high:

My green onions are doing better now that I’ve severely culled them:

My Birds of Paradise are showing off their glorious plumage:

Seedlings from my purple orchid tree have invaded the mondo grass:

And the mondo grass is blooming:

The wild flowers are now a good 2 feet higher than my head and completely hide the 6″ hibiscus nestled behind them in front of the fence:

The armadillo has once again decided to burrow under the Jacaranda tree, creating a mound of displaced earth and a nice big hole:

Other backyard guests are finding the hunting good….

And that living is easy!

Fritter Fun

31 Jul

In my continuing quest to teach myself to cook healthy meals, I learned how to make “Greek-Style Tomato-Zucchini Fritters with Fresh Herbs” accompanied by “Mediterranean-Style Cashew-Cumber Dip”.  I found these recipes in “Veganomicon:  The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook” by Moskowitz and Romero.  I chose to bake my fritters instead of frying them, not because I don’t like fried food but because I am dangerous enough in the kitchen without adding boiling oil to the list of accidents just waiting to occur!

I also steamed some thin fresh asparagus to increase my intake of all things green.  I don’t like asparagus when it’s thick and woody (not even the tips); this pound of lovely skinniness means I have left-overs chilling in the frig, ready for a healthy snack.


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