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Thanksgiving Dinner Thanks

24 Nov

I have the dubious honor of being the one who will cook dinner for Thanksgiving this year.  My new casserole cooking skills, along with renewed ability to make grilled cheese sandwiches, have probably not prepared me for this task.  My gourmet cook step-mother, Annette, usually has the honor and, I must confess, I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself that she won’t be cooking this year.

So I’m on a quest to prepare a turkey, traditional stuffing, Annette’s French Canadian meat stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, my Grandmother’s fruit salad, and a pumpkin dump cake.  I’ll have to think about how to sneak some green veggies in there!

In honor of this exciting milestone in my life, and since I’ve only had commissions and no on-line sales since I moved my butt to Utah and moved my inventory to Storenvy, I’m offering a coupon for 25% off your total order (excluding shipping) that’s good through the end of November.  When you buy anything from The Dream Faire, enter coupon code THANKSKAT25 and be thankful you’ll not be eating Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year!


Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend

12 Nov

Scratch any woman and under her skin you’ll find a core of creamy milk chocolate!  I’m no exception to this rule, but I don’t get to eat as much chocolate as I really want, so I found the next best thing:  yummy copper filigree with mocha chocolate crystals!

Chocolate Filigree Necklace4

Chocolate Filigree Earrings2A

Don’t they look good enough to eat?!  Visit The Dream Faire to find out more.chocolate

These are a Few of My Favorite Tools

11 Nov

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply pull out my favorite tools
And then I don’t feel so bad

I have a great many tools, but there are some tools I just cannot live without when wire weaving or wrapping (I have a completely different set of tools for fiber arts and precious metal clay).

When I started working with wire, I didn’t spend much money on pliers; I had a round nose and a bent nose, but no flat nose.  Since then, I’ve spent some money on a good pair of round nose pliers, and picked up two different flat nose pliers; these are the work horses of my tool bench:

Swanstrom Micro Round-Nose Pliers from Rio Grande, $34

Swanstrom Micro Round-Nose Pliers from Rio Grande, $34

Xuron 485FN Flat Nose Plier from Amazon, $14

Xuron 485FN Flat Nose Plier from Amazon, $14

Xuron 450 Tweezer Nose Plier from Amazon, $14

Xuron 450 Tweezer Nose Plier from Amazon, $14

With these pliers, I am finally able to start down-sizing my jewelry; I love big and bold, but I think most of the female population doesn’t feel the same, so I’m trying to make more dainty, delicate items, and these tools are critical.  With the Swanstrom pliers I am finally not leaving marks on my wire; why this is so, I couldn’t tell you.  I don’t think I applying less pressure, so it must be magic!  The Xuron pliers are also non-marring, and great for getting into tight places to place or end a wire.

Another staple in my tool chest are my shaping tools, the most important of which are my hands.  These tools see continual use, too.

Wrap n' Tap Pliers (Large) from Beadaholic, $30

Wrap n’ Tap Pliers (Large) from Beadaholic, $30

Wrap n' Tap Pliers (Small) from Beadaholic, $30

Wrap n’ Tap Pliers (Small) from Beadaholic, $30

15 Inch Wooden Round Bracelet Mandrel (1.5"-3") (sawed off baseball bat!) from Amazon, $24

15 Inch Wooden Round Bracelet Mandrel (1.5″-3″) (sawed off baseball bat!) from Amazon, $24

BeadSmith Six-Piece Wooden Mandrel Set with Storage Case from Beadaholic, $6

BeadSmith Six-Piece Wooden Mandrel Set with Storage Case from Beadaholic, $6

What are your favorite tools?toolsign

Power of Three

9 Nov

My newest Dream Faire treasure and the number three have many powerful associations.

Power of Three Necklace1

Whether you know this symbol as the Irish Trinity Knot, a Triquetra, or a Trefoil, there’s no denying it is a powerful symbol of three interconnectedness.

From the time of the ancients to the current day, three has always been a significant number for many cultures.

For Christians, the most powerful triple symbol is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost). Christians also believe that three wise men (Magi) brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus.

For some pagans, the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone are represented by the triquetra; for others, it combines Earth, Air and Water; and for some it symbolizes Life, Death and Rebirth.

Celtic mythology introduced the three-faced Goddess of War: Morrigan (the great queen), Bodbh (the crow) and Macha (the plain).

Ancient Greeks had the three Fates (Clotho, the spinner; Lachesis, the measurer; and Atropos who cuts the thread of life), as well as the three snake-haired gorgons: Stheno, Euryale, and their infamous sister, Medusa.

Whatever its origin, and there are many conflicting theories (Christians say it was brought out of Jerusalem by monks, Celts say it originated with them and was appropriated by the monks, and Germanic people claim it from early engravings on runes), there is something magical about the power of three, even today.

Consider these well-known trios: The Three Musketeers, The Three Stooges, Three Amigos, Three Men and a Baby, as well as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Athletes and other contest winners are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals or trophies.

What does the Power of Three mean to you?triquetrasign

Jewelry Sneak Peek

7 Nov

Taking care of my Grandmother is a joy (and a full-time job!), but she loves to watch me make my jewelry.  She turns off the TV, so it won’t bother me I guess (the TV has close captioning, I don’t!), and watches with fascination as the bits and pieces of wire, gemstones and beads come together to form something beautiful (she thinks every single item I make is beautiful!).  I think she believes I’m making straw into gold.  Everyone should have a Grandmother like mine!

Here’s a sneak peek at what will soon be showing up for sale in my boutique, The Dream Faire:

Sneak Peek

Well, back to the old spinning wheel!spinstrawintogold

It’s All About the Sun

13 Oct

The sun may be settling down for its long Winter nap, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without sunshine until Spring arrives.  Check out my new statement necklace, Cyan Sunshine!

Cyan Sunshine Necklace1

Visit The Dream Faire to buy or see what other treasures are hidden there for you to find.ParaibaButterflySign

One Heart Wonders

19 Dec

Creations at The Dream Faire that are loved…a little!

Gold & Green Silk Sari Croch…


Crocheted Fingerless Dryad N…


Crochet Fairy Tarot Bag: &qu…


Fairy Thicket Crochet Coin P…


Metallic Green Magatama and …


Pastel Blue Crochet Dangle F…


Multicolor “Neon Mist&q…


Magical Amulet Crochet Bag P…


Autum Crochet Fairy Pixie Pu…


Enamel Flower Copper Wire Cr…


Wire Wrapped Art Glass Dangl…


Crocheted Ribbon Yarn Neckla…


Purple Silk Sari Crochet Fai…


Green Silk Sari Crochet Drya…


Crochet Faerie Finger Purse:…


Small Crochet Foraging Purse…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house


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