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11 Apr

I have been reminded once again that I am ruled by the Goddess of the Moon and not the God of the Sun.

My ancestors were all Northern Europeans:  English and Russian on my maternal side, and Danish and German on my paternal side.  None of these people are known for their luxurious tans.

When I took part in Joey’s garage sale Saturday, I used plenty of sunscreen and stayed completely in the shade the entire 5 hours.  The Sun God only saw me running from my car to the front veranda of the house.  And yet I have a sun burn that is so bad it has raised bubbly welts on every inch of exposed skin, even on my scalp!  The area of my portacath is burned, too.  Ouch!

There is no comfortable spot from my chest up.  What a blessing that I decided to wear jeans instead of shorts!  I off-set my covered legs, however, with a low-cut sleeveless top and now my back, my chest, and my arms are emergency danger zones I cannot bear to touch.

It’s not like this has never happened before.  I’ve applied all the remedies and I’ll survive, but it’s days like this when I wish the Goddess had blessed me with a lot more pigmentation.

I think my brain has sun burn, as well.  There are so many things I need my brain to be doing and it is ignoring me completely.  Dang.  I’m totally burned up and out.

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