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From My Closet to Yours

13 Feb

One of the more disagreeable aspects of being medically retired is the forced retirement of my clothing hoard…and hoard it is!  Even sadder, this hoard is made up of items I never had an opportunity to wear and now I either don’t have anywhere to wear them or they don’t fit (and this point I don’t think I will ever be those sizes again!).

My step-mother watches morning TV and phoned to tell me about a new(ish) selling venue for clothing called Tradesy.  I checked it out and moved all the items I was trying to sell to the new venue.  If you’re not a itty-bitty tiny thing (these are sizes Large and 1X), and you love to be sparkly and have a fun sense of style, you might want to take a peek in my Tradesy closet at https://www.tradesy.com/member/kat-c/2206425/.

Here are some of the goodies for sale…


So Sari!

21 Feb

Great balls of sari!  I just finished a marathon shredding of all but two of my personal sari silks in preparation for a new and exciting endeavor.

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Stay tuned for new projects using these beautiful sari silk ribbons!SariSign

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