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Dream Faire Top Ten

21 Mar

The top 10 most “envied” rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets at The Dream Faire are now on sale for 25% off.  Making the list are (click on the photo to see the detailed listing):

1.  "Cosmic Ice" on sale for $30

1. “Cosmic Ice” on sale for $30

2.  "Blue Seed Pod" sold!

2. “Blue Seed Pod” sold!

3.  "The North Wind" on sale for $55

3. “The North Wind” on sale for $55

4.  "Power of Three" on sale for $45

4. “Power of Three” on sale for $45

5.  "Bewitching Blue" on sale for $55

5. “Bewitching Blue” on sale for $55

6.  "Dragon's Egg" on sale for $26.25

6. “Dragon’s Egg” on sale for $26.25

7.  "Box of Hearts" on sale for $146.25

7. “Box of Hearts” on sale for $146.25

8.  "Ice Dragon" on sale for $71.25

8. “Ice Dragon” on sale for $71.25

9.  "Graceful Wave" on sale for $71.25

9. “Graceful Wave” on sale for $71.25

10. "Lucky Peacock Eye" on sale for $15

10. “Lucky Peacock Eye” on sale for $15


Who Likes to Get Something 35% Off? We All Do!

24 Apr

Here are just a few of the things I won’t be renewing once they expire, so get them before they retire!

Click on one of the items below or visit The Dream Faire to see all the goodies on sale…

ON SALE Bracelet Kumihimo Si…


ON SALE Bracelet Wave Rhubar…


ON SALE Tiny Fairy Offering …


ON SALE Art Glass Ring Wire …


ON SALE Chandelier Earrings …


ON SALE Elven Foraging Purse…


ON SALE Crystal Heart Bracel…


ON SALE Pomander Sachet Lave…


ON SALE Earrings Wire Wrappe…


ON SALE Wristwarmers Fingerl…


ON SALE Ring Grey Quartz & S…


ON SALE Bracelet Wave Double…


ON SALE Pouch Pixie Fairy Cr…


ON SALE Purse Pixie Autumn C…


ON SALE Necklace Choker Pink…


ON SALE Pixie Pouch for Litt…


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Last Chance Retirement Sale

6 Apr

Even though an item in my Etsy boutique may have a lot of views and hearts, if they haven’t sold by now I’m going to retire them.  I might add them to my own jewelry wardrobe, or I might disassemble them to make new treasures.

These items not only will not be renewed when their Etsy listing expires, I’ve placed them on sale to help find them a home.  If you’re interested in these aging beauties, either check the “RETIRING SOON” section of my shop or click here.

Here’s a taste of what you might find:



24 Nov

Everything at The Dream Faire is on Sale

20% Off

Starts at Noon Friday (11/23/2012)

Ends at Midnight Monday (11/26/2012)

Click here to begin Shopping Now



Super Sale!

4 Sep

There’s a big sale going on over in my little crafting world.

If you are one of those wonderfully organized people who love to start their Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and Yuletide shopping early, I hope you’ll stop by, and if you’re one of those people thinking they deserve a little something for themselves (that would be the group I belong to!), why, you are more than welcome, too!

Check it out!

Super Sale Extended

4 Sep

I decided to extend and expand the sale of all but two items in my Faerie Fabulous Finds at Etsy boutique to correspond with the official end of summer and beginning of Fall, the Autumn Equinox!

You now have until the 23 of September to enjoy huge savings.


Well, because I love a sale and you love a sale (who doesn’t love a sale), and because I’m just too tired to do all the manual revisions required to stop the sale and put the prices back to the regular prices.  Yep, tired and lazy, so you get another 20 days to contemplate purchasing a little something for yourself or starting your Yuletide shopping a bit early (I never do, but I know you who do are out there!).


Super Sale!

20 Aug

I love to shop, but I love to shop for sales even better!

I’ve put just about everything in my Faerie Fabulous Finds boutique at Etsy on sale, many pieces 50% off.  Right now the sale is scheduled to end on the 31st of August, but it was a hellacious amount of work to modify all those listings, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll let the sale run until the Fall Equinox, which is the 23rd of September this year.  But I don’t recommend waiting and suffer from buyer’s regret, the worst illness a shopaholic can suffer, if someone buys your favorite piece right out from under you!

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Happy shopping!

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