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Dream Faire Top Ten

21 Mar

The top 10 most “envied” rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets at The Dream Faire are now on sale for 25% off.  Making the list are (click on the photo to see the detailed listing):

1.  "Cosmic Ice" on sale for $30

1. “Cosmic Ice” on sale for $30

2.  "Blue Seed Pod" sold!

2. “Blue Seed Pod” sold!

3.  "The North Wind" on sale for $55

3. “The North Wind” on sale for $55

4.  "Power of Three" on sale for $45

4. “Power of Three” on sale for $45

5.  "Bewitching Blue" on sale for $55

5. “Bewitching Blue” on sale for $55

6.  "Dragon's Egg" on sale for $26.25

6. “Dragon’s Egg” on sale for $26.25

7.  "Box of Hearts" on sale for $146.25

7. “Box of Hearts” on sale for $146.25

8.  "Ice Dragon" on sale for $71.25

8. “Ice Dragon” on sale for $71.25

9.  "Graceful Wave" on sale for $71.25

9. “Graceful Wave” on sale for $71.25

10. "Lucky Peacock Eye" on sale for $15

10. “Lucky Peacock Eye” on sale for $15


Jewelry Sneak Peek

7 Nov

Taking care of my Grandmother is a joy (and a full-time job!), but she loves to watch me make my jewelry.  She turns off the TV, so it won’t bother me I guess (the TV has close captioning, I don’t!), and watches with fascination as the bits and pieces of wire, gemstones and beads come together to form something beautiful (she thinks every single item I make is beautiful!).  I think she believes I’m making straw into gold.  Everyone should have a Grandmother like mine!

Here’s a sneak peek at what will soon be showing up for sale in my boutique, The Dream Faire:

Sneak Peek

Well, back to the old spinning wheel!spinstrawintogold

Upcoming Magical Totem Pentacles

7 Feb

My latest necklace, Star of the Hummingbird, has excited me to make more animal totem pentacles.  Here’s what I have planned so far and the beads I’ll be using.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m really looking forward to creating some very cute and dazzling new magical stars!beadsign

Little Shop Around the E-Corner — Open for Bizness

5 Oct

Financial considerations have finally made the decision for me that it is time to open an on-line boutique and begin selling all of the handcrafted items I created over the past year – and then just let sit.  It was perhaps a little bit of ennui mixed with a dash of fear that stalled my progress, but the big chill that totally scuttled my enthusiasm was the sudden dive of the economy.

Sage of Enchanted Garden Studio says that, since the Mercury retrograde has just finished, she is once again feeling creative and in the artistic mood.  I’m not real big into astrology, but I think she’s on to something ‘cuz I’m feeling the same.  This year and next are all about the Mercury retrogrades:

The exact Mercury retrogrades we will experience in 2009 were the exact same signs, same degrees and approximately the same calendar days of 1930. This cycle is seldom talked about in the astrology world, but is the cause of major course corrections for humanity.

The next retrograde is December 26th through January 15th.  It is apparently best to make no major decisions during these retrogrades and I managed to do exactly that, unwittingly.


So I am now the proud proprietor of Faerie Fabulous Finds on Etsy and I hope some of you will at least take a peek at the goodies I have on offer.

I’m in the process of making a small faerie journal (my handmade paper is drying nicely) and a faerie pouch or two (I dyed the suede an unbelievably beautiful color; I can’t wait for you to see it).  Maybe I’ll even sculpt a new Flower Faerie Kat or two.

Yes, the weight of Mercury has definitely been lifted from my shoulders!


“Make Me Smile” Jewelry and Gifts

10 Dec

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, you need to check out this shop on Etsy :: Make Me Smile Jewelry and Gifts:

I love to laugh and appreciate the value of a smile. Life is a blast and laughter is good medicine for everyone. My jewelry and gifts are among the things that me happy. I appreciate the terrific feedback I’ve received from my customers; you make me fell great and happy. I enjoy creating the pieces I have to offer here. I hope you’ll enjoy them also.

This is my first Christmas with Etsy. I’ve added some new items already, and I’ll have a whole line of holiday jewelry. I love doing wire sculpting and I have some beautiful pieces that would make thoughtful gifts for those you love. Some of the new items you can expect are flower fairies, feather angels, purses, and blankets. I’ve just completed the Christmas jewelry along with some new sets and necklaces.

No matter how you celebrate the upcoming holiday season, let’s all continue to pray for peace and treat one another with respect and dignity. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year ahead. Come on in and bring your shopping list!

I hope you’ll be back to Make Me Smile often because I want to be your new artisan for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and artwork. I hope you have as much fun with my creations as I have making them. Love and Peace, Sharon

Sharon is an incredible artisan and I’ve been scooping up her inventory since June 2007. I own close to 65 pieces of her handicraft and each is simply beautiful. Her prices are unbelievably reasonable, she ships everything for free and she ships fast, too. On top of everything else, she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve met on the Internet.

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