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Good-Bye Faerie Star of the Sea

9 Mar

Joy of UnseeliEnchantments purchased my Faerie Star of the Sea!

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Here’s what she said when it arrived:

i just got the necklace today
i absolutely LOVE it, im going to wear it all the time
what a cute handmade box too!
thank you SO much, it got here super fast

This is why I does what I does!

Unloved Creations

24 Feb

These items in my Etsy shop don’t have any hearts and I can’t figure out why.

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It’s breaking my heart to have these creations be so unloved.

I Weep for My Children

First Series of Faerie Stars Completed

17 Feb

Here is my first series of faerie stars based on each of the seven elements represented by each point of the star.


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“Wind” appears twice because the first item sold before the entire collection was finished — *SQUEE!*

My next plans are to make another series of faerie stars for each of the Faerie Sabbat holidays: Beltane, Mid-Summer’s Eve and All Hallow’s Eve. After that, I plan to make another series of seven, only smaller.

To read about the faerie star and the qualities of each of the seven elements, click here.

All of the stars (except the first Faerie Star of the Wind) are available for sale at my Faerie Fabulous Finds boutique on Etsy.

New Peacock Eye Ring

17 Dec

I rather like how this turned out:

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Available at my Faerie Fabulous Finds at Etsy boutique!

Need Name Ideas

22 Nov

These two bracelets are ready to be upload to my Etsy boutique, except I’m at a loss what to name them.  I’ve been naming these bracelets in the draconis family because they remind me of dragon (or snake/lizard) hide, and I’ve just run out of ideas (typical brain dysfunction).  I’m open to your suggestions.

Colors used in this one:  Outer rows are fuchsia with a wire core, inside left is ribbon of coral, and inside right is matte opaline orchid.

Colors used in this one:  white marble and deep eggplant.

Whatcha think?

New Pieces for Sale

22 Nov

These pieces have been finished for awhile.  I find crochet to be about the only art I’ve been capable of accomplishing during all the dental work I’ve been undergoing.  I can kick back and relax while crocheting.  I don’t need to sit at my work space, I don’t need a bunch of tools.  It’s relaxing.

I finally drove myself to photograph the finished pieces and get them into my Etsy shop.  Very exhausting.  Here’s a sneaky peek:

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I have another choker and 2 pixie pouches almost ready to go, plus 2 more bracelets that are photographed (but I’m stymied on what to name them–that’s another post).  Busy little fingers are a bit numb and arthritis is complaining, but I doesn’t care!

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button

10 Nov

I’ve been looking for button beads for awhile now, because they nestle together nearly seamlessly due to their tapered lower halves where the hole is located near the outside edge.  I’ve seen these strung together in a row (in fact, some are sold this way, per strand) and I didn’t care for the result (not lavish enough for me), so after trying several different thicknesses of crochet thread, I created these based on a pattern by Ruth Herring.

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The beads are slinky and sensuous, and the cotton thread is soft and comfortable.  These can be worn with blue jeans or office attire, and I have more colors coming.  They’re a perfect project for me to work on while the dental indignities I’m currently suffering through heal.

I have to say, I wish I didn’t need to sell them!

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