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First Series of Faerie Stars Completed

17 Feb

Here is my first series of faerie stars based on each of the seven elements represented by each point of the star.


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“Wind” appears twice because the first item sold before the entire collection was finished — *SQUEE!*

My next plans are to make another series of faerie stars for each of the Faerie Sabbat holidays: Beltane, Mid-Summer’s Eve and All Hallow’s Eve. After that, I plan to make another series of seven, only smaller.

To read about the faerie star and the qualities of each of the seven elements, click here.

All of the stars (except the first Faerie Star of the Wind) are available for sale at my Faerie Fabulous Finds boutique on Etsy.

New Peacock Eye Ring

17 Dec

I rather like how this turned out:

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Available at my Faerie Fabulous Finds at Etsy boutique!

New Pieces for Sale

22 Nov

These pieces have been finished for awhile.  I find crochet to be about the only art I’ve been capable of accomplishing during all the dental work I’ve been undergoing.  I can kick back and relax while crocheting.  I don’t need to sit at my work space, I don’t need a bunch of tools.  It’s relaxing.

I finally drove myself to photograph the finished pieces and get them into my Etsy shop.  Very exhausting.  Here’s a sneaky peek:

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I have another choker and 2 pixie pouches almost ready to go, plus 2 more bracelets that are photographed (but I’m stymied on what to name them–that’s another post).  Busy little fingers are a bit numb and arthritis is complaining, but I doesn’t care!

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button

10 Nov

I’ve been looking for button beads for awhile now, because they nestle together nearly seamlessly due to their tapered lower halves where the hole is located near the outside edge.  I’ve seen these strung together in a row (in fact, some are sold this way, per strand) and I didn’t care for the result (not lavish enough for me), so after trying several different thicknesses of crochet thread, I created these based on a pattern by Ruth Herring.

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The beads are slinky and sensuous, and the cotton thread is soft and comfortable.  These can be worn with blue jeans or office attire, and I have more colors coming.  They’re a perfect project for me to work on while the dental indignities I’m currently suffering through heal.

I have to say, I wish I didn’t need to sell them!

Super Sale!

4 Sep

There’s a big sale going on over in my little crafting world.

If you are one of those wonderfully organized people who love to start their Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and Yuletide shopping early, I hope you’ll stop by, and if you’re one of those people thinking they deserve a little something for themselves (that would be the group I belong to!), why, you are more than welcome, too!

Check it out!

Super Sale Extended

4 Sep

I decided to extend and expand the sale of all but two items in my Faerie Fabulous Finds at Etsy boutique to correspond with the official end of summer and beginning of Fall, the Autumn Equinox!

You now have until the 23 of September to enjoy huge savings.


Well, because I love a sale and you love a sale (who doesn’t love a sale), and because I’m just too tired to do all the manual revisions required to stop the sale and put the prices back to the regular prices.  Yep, tired and lazy, so you get another 20 days to contemplate purchasing a little something for yourself or starting your Yuletide shopping a bit early (I never do, but I know you who do are out there!).


New Sister Blog

27 May

I have decided to give this blog a break and move all the posts related to Faerie Fabulous Finds at Etsy to a new blog.  It deserves it’s own home and now this blog can go back to faeries and magic instead of work and sell, work and sell, blah, blah, blah.  If I feel the need for a break from it, I’m thinking you must, too!

So here’s the new blog link, there’s a link in the sidebar under my shop blinkie, too:


Drop by and say *SQUEE!*

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