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Dream Faire Top Ten

21 Mar

The top 10 most “envied” rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets at The Dream Faire are now on sale for 25% off.  Making the list are (click on the photo to see the detailed listing):

1.  "Cosmic Ice" on sale for $30

1. “Cosmic Ice” on sale for $30

2.  "Blue Seed Pod" sold!

2. “Blue Seed Pod” sold!

3.  "The North Wind" on sale for $55

3. “The North Wind” on sale for $55

4.  "Power of Three" on sale for $45

4. “Power of Three” on sale for $45

5.  "Bewitching Blue" on sale for $55

5. “Bewitching Blue” on sale for $55

6.  "Dragon's Egg" on sale for $26.25

6. “Dragon’s Egg” on sale for $26.25

7.  "Box of Hearts" on sale for $146.25

7. “Box of Hearts” on sale for $146.25

8.  "Ice Dragon" on sale for $71.25

8. “Ice Dragon” on sale for $71.25

9.  "Graceful Wave" on sale for $71.25

9. “Graceful Wave” on sale for $71.25

10. "Lucky Peacock Eye" on sale for $15

10. “Lucky Peacock Eye” on sale for $15


Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend

12 Nov

Scratch any woman and under her skin you’ll find a core of creamy milk chocolate!  I’m no exception to this rule, but I don’t get to eat as much chocolate as I really want, so I found the next best thing:  yummy copper filigree with mocha chocolate crystals!

Chocolate Filigree Necklace4

Chocolate Filigree Earrings2A

Don’t they look good enough to eat?!  Visit The Dream Faire to find out more.chocolate

Delicate Dewdrops

8 Nov

These charming drops of color are now available in my boutique, The Dream Faire!  Stop by to see some of the finer details of these newest treasures, won’t you?

Irish DewdropA

Dewdrop EarringsA

More new treasures are awaiting their time before the lens and will be uploaded soon.CameraFaerieSign

Jewelry Sneak Peek

7 Nov

Taking care of my Grandmother is a joy (and a full-time job!), but she loves to watch me make my jewelry.  She turns off the TV, so it won’t bother me I guess (the TV has close captioning, I don’t!), and watches with fascination as the bits and pieces of wire, gemstones and beads come together to form something beautiful (she thinks every single item I make is beautiful!).  I think she believes I’m making straw into gold.  Everyone should have a Grandmother like mine!

Here’s a sneak peek at what will soon be showing up for sale in my boutique, The Dream Faire:

Sneak Peek

Well, back to the old spinning wheel!spinstrawintogold

Super Snails

23 Jan

I finished photographing the new snail earrings and got them posted today.

The larger snails I based on Japanese mythology in which snail magic plays an important role.  The smaller snails are based in Aztec sun and moon creation mythology.

Tsunade Snail Magic Earrings

Tsunade Snail Magic Earrings

Lord of the Snails Moon Earrings

Lord of the Snails Moon Earrings

It’s time to get your snail mojo going!snailsign

Fudge It!

12 Dec

I really didn’t expect the E6000 to work, but I still was disappointed that it did not hold.

Since the quick fix didn’t fix anything, I have only two choices:  (1) make a new piece or (2) file the setting larger.

I want to avoid having to make a new piece because I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get the right dimensions.  Remember, metal clay shrinks as the binder burns away, and since both pieces were filed and shaped together before firing, they came out the same size.  Now I have no way to make the same height, length and depth.  I could scrap both earrings and start over again…please NOT!

I wanted to avoid making the setting larger because of space constraints, but I realized that, if making the setting larger ruined the piece, I’d wind up at option (1) anyway.  I had a 50/50 chance of not having to go there.  Out came the needle file again and now I can almost drop the stone all the way through.  This will give me the clearance on the sides of the stone that I need to create a well deep enough that sintered silver overlaps the girdle correctly.

It’s a hell of a hole!


Next I made some fresh metal clay with lavender oil and filled the cavity.  Once it set up, I used a very small circle cutter to remove the center, leaving a wall of clay inside the hole.


Holding my finger under the clay and applying upward pressure, I fit the stone down into the new setting and then smoothed it so the entire girdle of the stone was under clay.  Once dried leather hard, the excess will be removed…very carefully!


The sister earring needs one last cleaning before it’s ready to hang on an ear wire.  The problem child will have to be fired again before I know if it works.

This is definitely not helping my migraine!headachesign

Moving Forward After Rehab

13 Sep

The re-shoot of all 128 items for sale in my on-line boutique, The Dream Faire, is finally complete (SQUEE!) and I’ve even been able to add a few new items after a long period of having no access to my work area or supplies because of the flood and the effort to clean that up.  Enjoy!

Double Trouble Wire Wrapped Ring with Clear Briolettes $20

Ancient Amber Ladder Earrings $30

Beaded Forest Wire Crochet Statement Necklace $45

Free Wheeling Wire Wrapped Art Glass Earrings $25

Fall Fabulous Autumn Crochet Pixie Purse $45

I’m now working on two other new pixie purses; a pouch using rag yarn I made from one of my old sarees in dark purple with hints of teal, the other a flapped clutch using rag yarn I made from another one of my old sarees in olive and muted mauve. The crochet is finished, but I want to add a few faerie eye attracting goodies before I photograph and list.

It’s lovely to be able to relax on the couch and create beautiful items after you’ve exceeded your personal ceiling of exhaustion and sitting at a workbench becomes more torment than fun.

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