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Crochet Madness Can Be Cured But Is Not The Cure I Needed

13 Nov

I began my odyssey in crochet because I wanted to use up my giant stash of fantasy yarns.

Today I finished creating draft listings for 16 new crochet items and I need to do another four.  A full day of photography will come next.  Here’s a list of what’s coming so far:

  • Circle Scarf in Red & Black Crocheted Yarn: “Electric Crimson”
  • Long Loop Scarf in Black & Pink Crochet Yarn: “Tea Rose”
  • Infinity Scarf in Green Crochet Eyelash Yarn: “Mallard”
  • Eternity Scarf in Sparkling Brown Crocheted Yarn: “Sable”
  • Loop Scarf in Winter Hues Crocheted Boucle Yarn: “Wild Berries”
  • Crocheted Circle Scarf in Cotton Candy Boucle Yarn: “Sprinkles”
  • Long Circle Scarf in Blue and Green Eyelash Yarn: “Deep Sea”
  • Bold Red Yellow & Green Novelty Yarn Eternity Scarf: “Nasturtiums”
  • Rainbow Colored Long Circle Crochet Scarf: “Saltwater Taffy”
  • Purple Multi-Function Crochet Circle Scarf: “Plum Loco”
  • Bright Colors Infinity Eyelash Yarn Scarf: “Peach Confetti”
  • Pastel Yarn Long Crochet Circle Scarf: “Baby Parrot”
  • Purple & Green Long Eternity Crochet Scarf: “Violet Parrot”
  • Fun Blue & Pink Fingerless Gloves Mittens: “One Boy, One Girl”
  • Purple & Fuchsia Circle Infinity Crochet Scarf: “Grapevine”
  • Crocheted Fingerless Cuff Hand Warmers: “Deep Woods”

There was one thing I hadn’t considered when I began this herculean effort:  I haven’t actually made more room because I simply turned a stash of yarn balls into a stash of yarn objects!

To make matters worse, everyone on the Fantasy Artists of Etsy Team has noticed a significant drop in shop and listing visits.  I tried Etsy’s Ad Search feature and spent $12.38 for 11,267 “impressions” (i.e., display of one of my listings at the top of an Etsy search page that a prospective buyer may or may not even look at, or click for more info) that resulted in only 55 views (i.e., click on one of my listings at the top of an Etsy search page) and only two listings favorites once buyers got to my store.  NO sales.  That’s a miserable return on my investment.  Less than a penny (.001) is great for the number of impressions, but with only .4% click-through those impressions obviously didn’t get to my target buyers, and that tenth of a penny turns into 22 cents per actual exposure.

The artist in me struggles on….

Mermaid Fingerless Glove in Progress

1 Nov

As I’ve written lately, a whole lot of crocheting is going on in my head and out through my fingers (which are pretty darn sore!).

I went through my pouch/bag/purse phase and now I’m making fingerless gloves.  I’ve finished one of a set of two that has an ocean theme with turquoise, dark teal and lavender.  The upper part of the glove (the cuff, if you will) I did in shell stitches with “button holes” so it can be laced to the wearer’s size; it measures 7″.  The lower part of the glove that covers the back of the hand I did in crocodile stitches (it measures 3″).  The crocodile stitch is really beautiful and I chose it because it looks like fish scales.  The lacing is a turquoise leather string that I wish were longer.

Please let me know what you think of this no-pattern creation.


Crochet Madness Continues

29 Oct

My New Year’s resolution (which I made in April after the flood forced me to move and reorganize my work center) was to buy no more supplies for my creative endeavors (except commissions), but to get busy and use what I already have, and don’t think this puts me in a tough spot ‘cuz I have enough gemstones, beads, ribbon, clay, wire, suede, yarn, etc., to fill a good-sized notions store.

I’ve concentrated on using my stash of fantasy yarns that are now stored in a blue 18 gallon tote box.  The box is sitting on the floor of my new work room because there is no place to stash it, and I’m trying to avoid re-cluttering my work space, and indeed my whole house!  My choices are to get rid of the yarn by (a) selling it as destash, (b) donating it to charity, or (c) using it to create.  I picked (c), of course.  I am discouraged, though, because I have barely made a dent in the hoard even though I’ve made 15 new fiber crochet items (in addition to 8 wire crochet items):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s a witchy girl to do?  A few magic words (and a lot of re-winding yarn from around cardboard constructs into nice compact balls and organizing the yarns into zip pouch bags) and viola!  The box now only looks 90% full.  I call that real progress!

Some Days I’m Smart, Some Days I Aren’t

16 Oct

Do you love it when the obvious finally pops out at you, or do you feel a bit sheepish that it didn’t occur to you from the first?  I feel a little of both and I bet you do, too.

For instance, I’ve been on a wire crochet kick and working with thin wire, twisting and pulling, hooking and holding, is an excellent way to turn your fingers into swollen sausages with scrapes and cuts that are usually only achieved when you dig yourself out of an early grave (sigh).  With shredded fingernails clipped down to the quick, the nerves in the tender tips start screaming every time you look at a crochet hook.  It’s also an excellent way to turn your eyes into blurry bits of glass shards.  Why am I inflicting this hurt upon myself?  Is this current “kick” a compulsion or obsession?  A bit of both, I think, with a hint masochism and a dash of creativity thrown in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then, suddenly last night, after once again smothering my aching digits with Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream and having no patience to rub it all in, it occurred to me that the perfect solution to the gooey mess was my pair of cotton gloves that came in a Burt’s Bee Hand Repair Kit.

The minute I put them on, POW!  Having tried finger guards and different types of tape to protect my friendless fingers, the solution to the underlying problem hit me between the eyes (really, I was so excited, I nearly poked myself in the eye!).  The cotton gloves provide an excellent barrier between skin and wire while allowing me complete control and letting the wire slip over and around my fingers with oily ease (and I know because I immediately got out a steel crochet hook and some wire to prove it true).  My fingers started feeling better immediately, but this solution did nothing for my bloodshot eyes.

Most days the faerie of inspiration seems to run faster than I can, but every once in awhile I catch her!  Now where is that deranged eye faerie muse hiding?

Clearly Inspired

6 Oct

I finished this wool and silk faerie bucket bag today:

Rainbow Explosion Crochet Faerie Bucket Bag (click for more info)

I can’t often point to an exact source of inspiration for an individual creation, but in this case I can:

Ozark Circle Purse by L. Leslie Designs (click for pattern link)

The shapes are different, as are the straps, but the embellishments are similar.  However, it was the tufts and poufs of yarn that intrigued me. I created my pattern organically (which means I made it up as I went and no instructions are available), but if you’d like to see the instructions for the Ozark purse, simply click on the image.

Moving Forward After Rehab

13 Sep

The re-shoot of all 128 items for sale in my on-line boutique, The Dream Faire, is finally complete (SQUEE!) and I’ve even been able to add a few new items after a long period of having no access to my work area or supplies because of the flood and the effort to clean that up.  Enjoy!

Double Trouble Wire Wrapped Ring with Clear Briolettes $20

Ancient Amber Ladder Earrings $30

Beaded Forest Wire Crochet Statement Necklace $45

Free Wheeling Wire Wrapped Art Glass Earrings $25

Fall Fabulous Autumn Crochet Pixie Purse $45

I’m now working on two other new pixie purses; a pouch using rag yarn I made from one of my old sarees in dark purple with hints of teal, the other a flapped clutch using rag yarn I made from another one of my old sarees in olive and muted mauve. The crochet is finished, but I want to add a few faerie eye attracting goodies before I photograph and list.

It’s lovely to be able to relax on the couch and create beautiful items after you’ve exceeded your personal ceiling of exhaustion and sitting at a workbench becomes more torment than fun.

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button

10 Nov

I’ve been looking for button beads for awhile now, because they nestle together nearly seamlessly due to their tapered lower halves where the hole is located near the outside edge.  I’ve seen these strung together in a row (in fact, some are sold this way, per strand) and I didn’t care for the result (not lavish enough for me), so after trying several different thicknesses of crochet thread, I created these based on a pattern by Ruth Herring.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The beads are slinky and sensuous, and the cotton thread is soft and comfortable.  These can be worn with blue jeans or office attire, and I have more colors coming.  They’re a perfect project for me to work on while the dental indignities I’m currently suffering through heal.

I have to say, I wish I didn’t need to sell them!

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