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Our New Grandma-Phone!

4 Sep

Did you know that there are now close-captioned telephones?  It’s true, and now you know!  Here’s what it looks like:

CaptionCall Telephone

CaptionCall Telephone

Last week I went to Grandma Vivian’s hearing specialist to get new batteries for her hearing aids. Fortunately, the young lady at the desk was on the phone, so I took the opportunity to look around at the displays. One of them was this phone.

When she finished her call and saw me looking at the demo phone, she told me they were free! So, with pamphlet (containing a promo code) and new batteries in hand, I headed home to tell Grandma.

At first we were a bit leery; what was the catch? How could this be free? I quickly hopped on the internet to visit their website, and discovered that the promo code would get us free delivery and installation of the hardware, and that the FCC covers all the costs associated with the actual voice-to-text translation.  A half hour later, I was back at the hearing specialist with application in hand, and our new CaptionCall phone will be installed next Thursday, 12 September!

If you, or someone you know, has trouble hearing over the telephone and has a doctor to verify your need, you too can have one of these phones.  There are some extra requirements you need to meet, such as high-speed internet and an existing land line.  Fortunately, I had high-speed, wireless internet installed when I moved here to take care of Grandma, so we’re all set.

And excited?  Wow, are we excited!!!  So give Grandma a call at her regular phone number starting September 13th, and give her (and yourself!) a thrilling treat.grandmaphonesign

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