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The Facebook Song

28 Aug

I found this at a new blog I chanced upon the other day, weaving the web, run by the beweaver (and I couldn’t tell you what trail I was following or where I launched from, it was just one of those serendipitous “clicky” days). Marvin and Nicole are always posting interesting YouTube musical finds on their blogs, so I thought I’d get into the swing with this contribution.

I think this is the best YouTube song of all time, but I might have to change the rating of my blog from PG to X!


This Was Just Mean (And Really Funny) (And X-Rated)

12 Jan

The Great Whopper Freakout!

Burger King lies to the hood. Definitely not safe for work or children. And possibly not safe for your sanity. If you die laughing, don’t come crying to me.

My heart is breaking for these poor guys; they’re so effing hungry!

Thx Gary!


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