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Bloggie Anniversary!

9 Jul

This blog is now seven years old, so I got it a birthday card.

Bloggie Birthday

Happy 6th Blogoversary!

7 Jul

Dear Blog

Today you are 6 years old!  Thank you for surviving toddlerhood and kindergarten; you’ve reached the first grade and I couldn’t be more proud!

To celebrate, I’m throwing you an Enchanted Forest Birthday Party…



Yer Ma


6 Sep

I missed your fifth blogoversary, dear Blog.

I know, I should be whipped (with whipped cream) and made to stand in the corner.  Bad Kat!

Since I do love you, darling Blog, here is something to celebrate being five years old:

Your very own pet dish.  I bet you’re glad I finally remembered!

You’re welcome.  We’ll talk again in 2013.

My Blog Turns Four!

27 Jul

Today is the fourth anniversary of this blog – universally known as a blogoversary.

As a toddler, I think this blog is doing pretty good.  I’ve taken good care of it, its never caught so much as a cold, and it created a spin-off during its third year.  It consistently receives between 150-200 readers a day (thank you, readers!).  Considering I don’t post every day, I’m frankly amazed.

So, dear blog, I stole you a digital blogoversary cake; please try not to eat it all at once and give yourself an electronic bellyache!


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