Workroom Cleanup Continues

14 Aug

When I last posted about cleaning up my workroom, my work station was so overloaded that I’d begun overloading my computer desk.  Now my computer desk has been transformed into computer AND shipping central!

Computer Desk

Alas, my workstation remains more untidy than ever!

Work Station

This will be time consuming because it will require a lot of decision making about where to put all this crap!  Well, I’m comforted by the knowledge that my workroom is about 75% tidied, which is far from where I first started.  Progress is happening, people!

A Day at the Beach

2 Aug

I have had an on again, off again love-hate relationship with the beach my whole life.

During my earliest childhood years, I lived with my mother in California and we were constantly at the beach (totally free and very clean back in those days).  My mother made headline news when she (7-8 months pregnant with my sister) and another woman pulled a shark that got into the shallows on to dry sand.  His jaws are still hanging on a wall in the local Naval museum (don’t ask which base, they’re all a blur).

We camped on the beach and stole creatures out of tidal pools to dry on the roof and become home decor.  There were dune buggies and bonfires every night, and deep holes dug into the sand in the shape of hearts behind the dune furthest from the beach that were filled in each morning and dug afresh (and if you can’t guess how they were used, your childhood was severely lacking in social beach etiquette).

I loved the beach, but was wary of the tidal current, which we called the rip tide and which I imagined was a giant frog (rip-it!) that grabbed your legs and pulled you under water (bless that six-year-old imagination).

I spent two different years of my later childhood living in Florida with my father and step-mother.  We lived on a canal (where I was certain the Creature from the Black Lagoon lived and was creeping across the backyard to my window at night when the dolphins came into the canals to splash and play) and, like every other family, we had a speed boat.  I don’t remember going to the beach to just fry in the sun or frolic in the waves, but I do remember trying to learn to water ski on inland lakes, ocean fishing (puffer fish are really cool!) and clamming along the coast.

As a young adult, I once spent every weekend of an entire summer at Second Beach in Newport, Rhode Island.  At the end of the summer I had turned from lily-white to a nice shade of ivory.  I far more enjoyed the little beach on the Newport bay that had a beautiful lawn, a meager six-foot stretch of sand, and water filled with phytoplankton that we would stir up into a phosphorescent light show at night while skinny dipping.  Star-lit and moon-lit walks in the dark along the edge of the surf was my prime beach time.

I have now lived in Florida as a mature adult for 21 years.  During that time I have been to the beach twice, once in Ft. Lauderdale where I lounged on a sea-side chaise under a huge umbrella and was brought drinks and food by cute cabana boys (I braved the sun once to dip myself in the water and hastily retreated) and once on a fishing trip with my best girl friends, including one baby.  Understand this:  We did not fish with hooks.  We didn’t actually want to catch (and thereby handle) any fish.  We loved casting and reeling, and of course we had to drink beer!  And we moved our fishing activities to inland lakes and rivers after Kelly ate a substantial amount of (hopefully) helpful pro-biotic sand and I had diaper duty.

So yesterday I went to the beach with my best friend ever.  Alice and I have the same complaints about the beach, such as burning to a crisp after 5 minutes in the sun wearing the heaviest sunscreen available is not fun, having sand go places it shouldn’t outa (and having more of those places as we age!) is not gonna happen, and after going into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, neither of us is willing to put one toe in the scummy, brownish water of our Central Florida waterfronts where you can’t see Jaws until it’s too late.

Here is our idea of the perfect day at the beach.

  • Turn on Garmin and have him take us to New Smyrna.
  • Follow a sandy track to the tiny parking lot of our favorite seaside dive bar (and no, I’m not saying where because everyone would start going there and we want it all to ourselves!).
  • Sit at the outside bar, which is tucked under enough roof that the sun can’t get to you until late afternoon.
  • Order refreshing alcoholic beverages.
  • People-watch with a horrified obsession.
  • Look at the ocean.
  • Look at the sand.
  • Enjoy the cool ocean breeze.
  • Order some lunch.
  • Order more refreshing alcoholic beverages.
  • Flirt with old men who chat us up and want to pinch our asses (Alice declines gracefully saying they should probably start with a pat on the fanny).
  • Crack jokes with the bartenders.
  • Crack jokes with each other.
  • Order more refreshing alcoholic beverages.
  • Relax and let the alcohol burn off.
  • Get a cup of ice water and tell Garmin to take us back home.
  • Take a nice long soak in my roman tub (alone, dirty minds!) with wonderful smelling bath products and a refreshing alcoholic beverage.
  • Have a nice bit of nap (don’t get your hopes up:  alone again).

Paradise perfected!


Ran Amok

24 Jul

I didn’t do any cleaning yesterday, so I did double duty today.  Almost everything is off the floor, and the floor has even been vacuumed.  I’ll have to take the steam cleaner to a few areas where there’s dried polymer clay, etc., but for now I’m exhilarated with my progress.



Next I have to tackle my computer workspace, which is actually messier than before since I am working on some jewelry pieces.


And my workspace, where all the stuff on the right of my computer workstation belongs, will get an overhaul.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


No more running amok; for the rest of the day I will be walking calmly!

Duties of the Job: Can’t Pick & Choose

23 Jul

Political correctness, religious rights and discrimination pouncing have reached a new low of ridiculousness.

A woman interviewing for a job categorically states that she refuses to do one of the job duties.  Would you hire someone who clearly states they won’t do ALL of the duties required to do the job.  Aren’t the duties actually the job?

Well, she didn’t get hired (duh!) and now she’s suing the employer on the basis of religious discrimination.  WTF?  Oh, yeah, because she can’t sue on the basis that she refused to do the job as required.

She has a religious aversion to birth control pills, yet part of the job required her to write prescriptions for those who ask for birth control pills.  I’m fine with her religious aversion, but why would someone with such an attitude want a job that requires them to do the very thing they are against?

I have an aversion to the Hooters’ uniform.  One, I think it’s an ugly color and, two, they don’t have one big enough to fit me.  So, should I march my fat ass down to Hooters, ask for a job but tell them I refuse to wear the uniform (I’ll wear what I damn well please!), and then be surprised when they don’t hire me?  Of course not!  Instead of admitting that I can’t do all the job requirements, I’m going to sue Hooters on the basis of weight discrimination. And waste a lot of tax payer dollars while I’m about it.

Now, if I applied for the Hooters job, didn’t say anything about the uniform not fitting, in fact was eager to wear their humiliating uniform, and the manager told me, “We don’t hire people as heavy as you,” then my lawyer would definitely be in contact and my bank account would be looking pretty healthy.

As the article succinctly states:

[She] feels that a woman’s right to have access to birth control of their own choosing when going to a medical facility is trumped by her religious freedom to persecute women for taking such a proactive approach to their health, and that by not hiring her the clinic is violating her religious freedom to follow through on that condemnation.

The employer has the right to decide what skills, knowledge and abilities are required to do the job, as well as what makes up the duties of the job (as long as such duties are not illegal and birth control pills are legal).  If a job seeker doesn’t have the skills, knowledge or ability to do the job, they obviously won’t be hired.  And if a job seeker patently refuses to do any part of the job, well, obviously no job for that jobless idiot.  If her religious views hadn’t been known before she got the job and she then refused to do what she’d been hired to do (i.e., write birth control pill prescriptions), she would naturally be fired for non-performance.
The concept is the same.  Either way, no job for her and “imbecile” needs to be stamped on her forehead.MeanPharmacist-300x263Court dismissed!

Betterer and Betterer

22 Jul

Made more progress on the clean up of my workroom.  Haven’t yet touched my computer workstation or my work table, still trying to clear the floor!




Now, of course, I’ve just rearranged and shuffled stuff from one room to another, but all this is going to charity so it won’t be here for long!


Giving myself a pat on the back…


I See Floor!

21 Jul

And I can actually close the door to my workroom!


I have now exceeded my personal tolerance for manual labor; time for wine!


21 Jul

It’s not much, but I started the hard task of cleaning up my workroom!


I can see the top of my work table now, and a lot of books have been displaced by items that were on the floor.  The books will go to charity.

There’s a long way to go, but at least I have begun!

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