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Jewelry Making Tip

2 Jul

I just had a small article I wrote entitled Losing My Grip: Ring Clamp to the Rescue! accepted and published in the on-line magazine, Jewelry Making Journal.  You can read it here.

The Jewelry Making Journal is the brainchild of Rena Klingenberg, a jewelry artist, writer, founder and publisher.  A combination of online magazine and community journal, jewelry artists from all over the world share jewelry experiences, creations, ideas and knowledge in four different areas:

Jewelry Making – here’s where we’re posting our project tutorials, jewelry making tips, and information about jewelry supplies and tools.

Jewelry Business – in this section we’re sharing ideas and strategies for selling handmade jewelry and running a successful business.

Jewelry Displays – here we’re posting really cool ideas for making your own jewelry displays and packaging, often from things you already have around the house.

Jewelry Gallery – in our beautiful gallery we show and tell about our jewelry creations and the things we’re currently experimenting with.

Drop in to see for yourself!jewelrysign

The Beast and His Beauty

18 Nov Registered & Protected

Dear Readers

Here is a poem written for the Fantasy Artists of Etsy blog, “The Best of the Beast and His Beauty”, back in September 2010:

The Beast and His Beauty

If you find that you’re a Beauty
Kind as the day is long,
And you’re in love with a Beast
Who tends to get things wrong,
Staying with the Beast is not your duty, Beauty,
Not in the least, poor Beast.


If the Beast hasn’t broken the law,
Or dislocated your lower jaw,
Doesn’t say things that stick in your craw,
Or snore like the proverbial saw,
Hasn’t drawn the shortest straw,
And keeps a neat and tidy claw,
Knows how to read and can even draw,
And makes you giggle and even guffaw…

May you go through life together,
Happily ever after,
Hand in paw.

by Faerie♥Kat
All Rights Reserved ©2010

Poor Rapunzel

18 Nov Registered & Protected

Dear Readers

Here is a new poem written for the Fantasy Artists of Etsy blog, “Rapunzel’s Riches,” back in August 2010:

Poor Rapunzel

In ancient tellings of Rapunzel
The beauty fared not well
Her witch protector threw her out
As her belly began to swell

Her golden hair shorn away
In murky swamps did she dwell
And fed her two babes at her breast
In misery none could quell

Her prince the witch had blinded
For visiting her in her tower cell
And not until he found her again
Would the witch unspeak her spell.

by Faerie♥Kat
All Rights Reserved ©2010

"The Secret Hollow" is Published!

19 Jul

My story, “The Secret Hollow,” has been accepted for publication by the online magazine, Short Story Library!!!!

It will be published on Sunday, July 27th.

You can sign up now to receive a free weekly digest at

I hope all of you will either visit the Short Story Library to read it or sign up for the digest.

I’m excited to finally have something published.  Feels great!

UPDATE:  Click here to read.

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