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Faerie Star of the Forest

23 Jan

This was such a popular design, and so many people have asked me if I was going to make another, that I finally did today:

Faerie Star of the Forest1

I have a hummingbird focal bead that I will be making into a star next.FAEBlogSig

Magical Adornments

18 Aug

I love it when someone takes the care and time to make a treasury that is well curated and color-coordinated!  This treasury by Falling Ladies Art is breathtaking — and it features my Faerie Star of the Wind Necklace to boot!

Magical Adornments

This is an Alpaca Team challenge entry! Anyone can play; for more information please visit our blog:
Inspired by VeritasCrafts Second Spring Earrings

Felted floral Art s…


Wool Silk Felted Ar…


Second Spring – Fac…


Felted Scarf .Hand …


Goddess – double ch…


Coquette leather ma…


Photograph – Funky …


Felt Forest Magical…


Nuno felted shawl /…


Magical Necklace: &…


Purple, Green, and …


Shibori Hand Dyed P…


Silk Scarf Wrap Sha…


Felted flower brooc…


Dark Witch Garden P…


Beige purple green …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

It’s nice to have an “in” with the llamas!

More Faerie Stars

16 Mar

I completed this necklace Monday, the Faerie Star of Beltane, and it is already listed in my boutique:

This star, the Faerie Star of Mid-Summer’s Eve, is in progress:

I still need to make the necklace chain using the 3 accent beads and the hook and eye clasp, and then give the whole lot a nice warm patina.  Next up:  Faerie Star of All Hallow’s Eve!

Good-Bye Faerie Star of the Sea

9 Mar

Joy of UnseeliEnchantments purchased my Faerie Star of the Sea!

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Here’s what she said when it arrived:

i just got the necklace today
i absolutely LOVE it, im going to wear it all the time
what a cute handmade box too!
thank you SO much, it got here super fast

This is why I does what I does!

First Series of Faerie Stars Completed

17 Feb

Here is my first series of faerie stars based on each of the seven elements represented by each point of the star.


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“Wind” appears twice because the first item sold before the entire collection was finished — *SQUEE!*

My next plans are to make another series of faerie stars for each of the Faerie Sabbat holidays: Beltane, Mid-Summer’s Eve and All Hallow’s Eve. After that, I plan to make another series of seven, only smaller.

To read about the faerie star and the qualities of each of the seven elements, click here.

All of the stars (except the first Faerie Star of the Wind) are available for sale at my Faerie Fabulous Finds boutique on Etsy.

About the Faerie Star

10 Feb

The septagram, or Faerie Star, is used instead of, or with, the Pentagram by many Faerie and Celtic-based traditions. The seven points represent the Sun, the Forest (or Wood), the Sea, Magic, the Moon, the Wind, and Connection (or Spirit).

Point 1: The Sun

This point closely mirrors the pentagram’s element of Fire (creative, passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, courageous, determined, daring, and faithful, but also proud, selfish, restless, jealous, angry, hateful, stubborn, greedy, and resentful), but is more focused on the role of the Sun as the procreator of life, the spark of regeneration, and the divine spark that burns within each of us. Like the pentacle, one of the elemental spirits is the Salamander, but also included are the Dragon and the Phoenix.

Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple, Crimson

Gemstones: Honey Calcite, Sunstone, Fire Opal, Fire Agate, Ruby, Obsidian, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Garnet, Amber, Bloodstone, Citrine, Diamond, Botswana Agate, Unakite

Point 2: The Forest/Wood

This point somewhat mirrors the pentagram’s element of Earth (practical, endurance, persevering, skill/ability, knowledgeable, reliable, punctual, stable, and wise), but concentrates on the life, fertility, powers of abundance and generosity of the Forest (undeveloped, untamed) environment. Most fae feel a deep connection to Forests and Woods in general, with trees considered as kin, cousins and brothers. The fae see deep secrets hidden in the branches of trees, and understand the power and nature of trees and woods. Unlike the pentacle’s elemental spirit of the Gnome (which lives underground), here we find the Forest elemental spirits of Satyrs, Fauns, Elves and Dryads.

Colors: Green, Brown, Black, Olive, Tan, Russet, Citrine, Gold

Gemstones: Moss Agate, Amber, Salt Rock, Granite, Holy Stone, Picture Jasper, Emerald, Jade, Malachite, Hematite, Amazonite, Jet, Lodestone, Peridot, Serpentine, Turquoise, Labradorite, Black/Banded Agate, Chrysocolla, Red Jasper, Kyanite, Rhodonite, Smoky Quartz

Point 3: The Sea

This point closely mirrors the pentagram’s element of Water (loving, imaginative, compassionate, forgiving, sensitive, easygoing, modest and flowing, but also moody, fantastical, without boundaries, indifferent, depressed and unstable), but concentrates specifically on the Sea (which is Water combined with Earth (salt)). The sea drives the weather of the world and, as the birthplace of life on earth, its waters represent the waters within the womb and the blood that flows through our veins. It is from the Sea that dreams, intuition and emotions arise, and we find the Sea elemental spirits of Mermaids, Selkies, Oreads, and Naiads. The Undines of the pentagram are not included as they are the fresh Water elemental spirits of forest pools and waterfalls.

Colors: Sea Green, Aqua, Turquoise, Silver, Grey, Blue, Green, Indigo, Purple

Gemstones: Aquamarine, Ocean Jasper, Pearl, Moonstone, River Pebble, Amethyst, Fluorite, Geodes, Beryl, Lapis Lazuli, Limestone, Rose Quartz, Shells/Abalone, Sodalite, Albite, Granite, Larimar, Mother of Pearl

Point 4: Magic

There is no corresponding point with the pentagram. The fae are believed to be not just users of Magic, but Magic in and of themselves, which includes everything from the simple but profound Magic of a snowflake to the more complex but natural Magic of crossing through the veil, immortality, shape-shifting, granting boons and wishes, cursing and hexing, and such. It is not a matter of understanding Magic, but of living Magic. There are no elemental spirits associated with this point.

Colors: Purple

Gemstones: Amethyst, Fluorite, Apatite, Azurite, Charoite, Copper, Corundum, Desert Rose, Geodes, Hawk’s Eye/Falcon’s Eye, Herkimer Diamonds, Infinite (Light Green Serpentine), Iolite, Snowflake Obsidian, Rutilated Quartz, Sugalite, Tanzanite, Tourmaline

Point 5: The Moon

There is no corresponding point with the pentagram. Here the Moon represents the Goddess, the bringer of light and giver of life to the Sun God. She lights the dark night skies and creates the tides. The Moon governs the Goddess mysteries, women’s health, the home, children, prophetic dreams, reincarnation, sleep, and emotional healing. When she is waxing, she governs growth and sensuality, including increasing things such as good luck, money, and love. When she is full, she governs emotions and the psychic, such as divination. When she is waning, she governs the spiritual, the underworld, death and transformation, including banishing, binding and eliminating things such as negativity, bad habits, disease, and obstacles. There are no elemental spirits associated with this point.

Colors: Silver, Blue, White, Gray, Tan

Gemstones: Moonstone, Labradorite, Selenite, Silver, Opal, Pearl, Carnelian, Milky Quartz, Amber

Point 6: The Wind

This point somewhat mirrors the pentagram’s element of Air (logic, justice, discrimination, wonder, imagination, laughter, music, joy, humor, communication, intelligence, intuition, and diligence, but also thoughtless, judgmental, critical, impulsive, frivolous, boastful, gullible, gossipy, spendthrift, untruthful, selfish, fickle, and inattentive). However, Wind as an elemental encompasses constant movement, while Air is both movement and stillness. From light, playful breezes to cruel, punishing hurricanes, Wind elementals are never still. We find here not only the Air elemental of the Sylphs, but also the Wind elementals of the Gryphons, Gremlins, and Pegasus.

Colors: Yellow, Light Grey, White, Ice Blue, Sky Blue, Violet, Pastels, Clear, White, Blue

Gemstones: Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Lapis Lazuli, Topaz, Sapphire, Chalcedony, Amethyst, Citrine, Mica, Pumice, Larimar, Prehnite, Rose Quartz

Point 7: Connection/Spirit

This point closely mirrors the pentagram’s element of Spirit (unification, change, transformation, alchemy, divinity, infinity, timelessness, and spacelessness). This is the point where heaven and earth, spirit and matter are conjoined, where Nature, the fae and ourselves are the embodiment of divinity. Nature and the fae are our greatest spiritual teachers, showing us how we are all interconnected and how accessible deity is–in the world around us and within us. Along with the pentagram’s elemental spirit of Angels, here we also find the elemental spirit of the Sphinx.

Colors: Iridescent and Brilliant White, Black, Clear, Violet/Purple

Gemstones: Rhodochrosite, Clear Quartz, Diamond, Jet, Black Onyx, Amethyst, Angelite, Apophyllite, Chiastolite (Fairy Cross), Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Elestial, Kunzite, Lepidolite, Moldavite, Petalite/Castorite, Phenacite, Tanzanite

An alternative set of definitions rests upon use of the Faerie or Elven Star as a gateway to the Otherworld; each point of the star is one of the entrances to the Faerie Realm, a pathway, or the 7 rays of manifestation of the Higher Self, as follows:

1st point – Power, Personal Will and Determination
2nd point – Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Growth
3rd point – Knowledge and Intelligence
4th point – Harmony and Tranquility
5th point – Powers of Mind and Science
6th point – Devotion and Honesty
7th point – Magic

The points blend with each other, nurturing and joining us as one with the Universe, bestowing personal and spiritual transformation.

An Imbolc Etsy Treasury

29 Jan

Check out this wonderful Etsy Treasury dedicated to Imbolc (February 2nd), which just coincidentally features my “Faerie Star of the Forest Necklace in Filigree Copper Wire” and heralds my 150th appearance in an Etsy Treasury!

Before There Was Groundhog Day, There Was Imbolc
by theopenheartproject

“Daylight lasts a little longer and snowdrops (or crocus) break through thawing earth. Before there was groundhog day, before there was Valentines day, there was Imbolc. The feast of Brìde, Brighid, Brigit or Brìd. It warms my heart to see so many lovely creations recognizing the rhythms of the earth.”

Faerie Star of the Forest Ne…  


ARTifact – Imbolc  


Knot of Four-Celtic Calendar…  


Into the Spring  


three snowdrops – Fine Art P…  


Imbolc Incense – Magical Her…  


Organic Imbolc Smudge – Midw…  


Brigid Goddess  


Wee Shock of Wheat  


Brigids Blossoms Imbolc Cand…  


Groundhog Day- Print  


Ewe and Me 5 X 7 inch Signed…  


Imbolc Bracelet Sun Snake Br…  


Sprung – 8×10 Fine Art Natur…  


Rainbow Walnut Boat Floating…  


Treasury tool is sponsored by

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