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Dream Faire Top Ten

21 Mar

The top 10 most “envied” rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets at The Dream Faire are now on sale for 25% off.  Making the list are (click on the photo to see the detailed listing):

1.  "Cosmic Ice" on sale for $30

1. “Cosmic Ice” on sale for $30

2.  "Blue Seed Pod" sold!

2. “Blue Seed Pod” sold!

3.  "The North Wind" on sale for $55

3. “The North Wind” on sale for $55

4.  "Power of Three" on sale for $45

4. “Power of Three” on sale for $45

5.  "Bewitching Blue" on sale for $55

5. “Bewitching Blue” on sale for $55

6.  "Dragon's Egg" on sale for $26.25

6. “Dragon’s Egg” on sale for $26.25

7.  "Box of Hearts" on sale for $146.25

7. “Box of Hearts” on sale for $146.25

8.  "Ice Dragon" on sale for $71.25

8. “Ice Dragon” on sale for $71.25

9.  "Graceful Wave" on sale for $71.25

9. “Graceful Wave” on sale for $71.25

10. "Lucky Peacock Eye" on sale for $15

10. “Lucky Peacock Eye” on sale for $15


Workroom Cleanup Continues

14 Aug

When I last posted about cleaning up my workroom, my work station was so overloaded that I’d begun overloading my computer desk.  Now my computer desk has been transformed into computer AND shipping central!

Computer Desk

Alas, my workstation remains more untidy than ever!

Work Station

This will be time consuming because it will require a lot of decision making about where to put all this crap!  Well, I’m comforted by the knowledge that my workroom is about 75% tidied, which is far from where I first started.  Progress is happening, people!

Ran Amok

24 Jul

I didn’t do any cleaning yesterday, so I did double duty today.  Almost everything is off the floor, and the floor has even been vacuumed.  I’ll have to take the steam cleaner to a few areas where there’s dried polymer clay, etc., but for now I’m exhilarated with my progress.



Next I have to tackle my computer workspace, which is actually messier than before since I am working on some jewelry pieces.


And my workspace, where all the stuff on the right of my computer workstation belongs, will get an overhaul.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


No more running amok; for the rest of the day I will be walking calmly!

Betterer and Betterer

22 Jul

Made more progress on the clean up of my workroom.  Haven’t yet touched my computer workstation or my work table, still trying to clear the floor!




Now, of course, I’ve just rearranged and shuffled stuff from one room to another, but all this is going to charity so it won’t be here for long!


Giving myself a pat on the back…


I See Floor!

21 Jul

And I can actually close the door to my workroom!


I have now exceeded my personal tolerance for manual labor; time for wine!


21 Jul

It’s not much, but I started the hard task of cleaning up my workroom!


I can see the top of my work table now, and a lot of books have been displaced by items that were on the floor.  The books will go to charity.

There’s a long way to go, but at least I have begun!

On A More Positive Note

19 Jul

I am creating again!  These are antique chandelier drops that I’m turning into pendants.


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