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Amazing Guitar Virtuoso

20 Mar

My friend, Gary, sent me the link to this video of Michael Hedges, who sadly died in 1997 at the age of 44 in a car accident.  I was amazed, and I think you will be amazed, too.  Thanks, Gary!

Guitar Faerie

Celebration of Life for Vivian Parks

29 Dec

A celebration of my grandmother’s life will be held Saturday, January 4, 2013 @ 1:00 pm at Southern Utah Mortuary (190 N 300 W) in Cedar City, Utah. A viewing will be held one hour prior to the services, also at the mortuary under the direction of Southern Utah Mortuary. On-line condolences can be made at

Glamour Shot Grandma

Vivian Lorraine Love Parks

25 Dec

My maternal grandmother, Vivian Lorraine Love Parks, passed away at 4:45 a.m. on Christmas Day, 2013, at age 90.

Grandma 1993

She was born on January 5, 1923 in Belvedere, CA to Charles Wainwright Love and Ethel Blassman Love, the first of five children. She lived and attended school in Glendale, CA until age 10 when the family moved to Covina, CA. She graduated from Covina Union High School in June 1939. She married Dennis Leonard Parks on August 26, 1939; they were married 52 years and 4 months until his death on December 15, 1991.

Dennis worked for North American Aviation and Consolidated Airways during World War II, being moved to Fairfield, CA by Consairway to assist with Pacific Island flights. After the war, they established a chicken ranch in Azusa, CA. Vivian retired from the US Forest Service in January 1985.

Vivian loved sports, played catcher on a girl’s softball team, and played tennis and field hockey in High School. In later life, she took up bowling, usually bowling in leagues twice a week until she suffered a stroke in December 2001. She also loved fishing, and her good friend, Bill James, whom she met in 1996, introduced her to ice fishing; they fished twice a week. They also made two trips to Alaska; Bill caught salmon and she didn’t, but they both caught halibut and cod. After digging for clams, she required liniment to her back and shoulder.

She was preceded in death by her parents, brother Charlie, sister Donna Maeseele, daughters Carol Beverly Parks and Patricia Lorraine Parks, grandson John Johnston II, and her husband. She leaves behind children Lavonne Parks and Randall Parks, sisters Barbara Brown and Evelyn Masters, grandchildren Gary Grewer, Kathryn Cranston, Richard Cranston, Denise Eyre and Shelley Sullivan, great grandchildren Natalie Cranston, Lauren Cranston, Joseph Johnston, John Johnston III, Jason Johnston, Steven Grewer and Stephanie Ann Grewer Foster, and great great grandchildren Jessica Johnston, James Johnston, Joshua Johnston and Aiden Johnston.

Loved by all who knew her for her generosity, determination, perseverance, ingenuity, simplicity, humor and feistiness, she will be sorely missed but never forgotten.


She loved the Jazz and the color pink.

Perfect Spouse Pre-Requisites

13 Jan

I just finished watching a documentary on Turner Classic Movies about Luise Rainer.  Occasion:  Her 101st birthday.  Born in 1910, she is a two-time Academy Award winner, taking home Best Actress in her second American Film, “The Great Ziegfeld” in 1936 followed by another the next year for her portrayal of an unassuming Chinese woman in “The Good Earth“, stealing the honors out from under the likes of Garbo.

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She was married for 47 years to her second husband, an Englishman, of whom she says, “He was idiotically in love with me” and “He thought I was the center of the Universe, which was pretty good!”

I think those are damn fine pre-requisites in a mate, and closely fit my own criteria.  Proof that the gap between the younger and older generations is not so wide as some would lead us to believe!

May you live may more happy and charming years, Grand Dame Luise Rainer.  Mwah!


31 Oct

I don’t think I took a single breath during this whole video — People Are Awesome — which I watched today on Douche.  She thinks these people are not just awesome, but also fearless and crazy.  I think she has a pretty valid viewpoint, and I betcha she held her breath, too!  Check it out:

Perfect music, eh?

Shaheen Jafargholi

20 Apr

My darling British friend, Maddwitch, tipped me off about another brilliant singing discovery in her country, Shaheen Jafargholi.  Only twelve years old, this young boy’s voice is astonishing and, yep, tears are once again coursing down my face, clumping my eyelashes together, and goosebumps are pebbling my skin.  Click here to check out the video.

Susan Boyle

17 Apr

I received an email from Gary two days ago that read simply, “In case you haven’t already heard this,” and contained only an Internet link.  Being a bit busy but intrigued, I didn’t toss it into the “Read Later” folder like so many others of its ilk, and finally got to it this evening.  Tears are still trickling down my cheeks from beneath clumped eyelashes.

Here is where the link took me, and literally took me out of this world.  I’m sure everyone in the world already knows about this phenomenon and, as usual, I’m playing catch up.  People are theorizing about why and how this woman has become such an extraordinary media sensation.  So, of course, I’m throwing in my 3¢ on the subject.

First, obviously, is her incredible and wonderful voice; its pitch, range, strength and sweetness.

Second, and even more obvious, is her appearance; homely (someone cruel would say ugly), mature (someone cruel would say old), matronly (someone cruel would say dowdy and dumpy) and stout (someone cruel would say fat).  I am not cruel; she is just a woman, completely terrestrial in origin, a child of the Goddess and the God.

The grist of the phenomenon is that people believed her voice would match her appearance, but her appearance is completely overwhelmed by her voice, and rightly so.  If she were the most gorgeous woman on the planet, this would still be the case.  Her voice is the pure expression of her spirit, belying everything our vision tells us.

There are so many Susan Boyles in the world.  The Goddess brought the paths of many Susans to walk side-by-side with mine, and it was an honor, every one, to be both companion and champion.

I cried as I watched Susan’s video clip because finally, finally the world has been made witness to the beauty and integrity of all the Susans, the Judys, the Jeanettes, the Geralds, the Anitas, the Alberts, and the Rebeccas, who have taken it on the chin and forgiven the ignorant and cruel who could not, would not look upon them with a kind or accepting spirit, those spirits who could not and would not acknowledge the kind, generous and loving spirits of people who were not graced with outstanding physical beauty.

I cried, oh yes, I cried and I cry still, for a society that reveres physical beauty above all else and is contemptuous of the dreams of those it judges as inferior.  And I cry for the nearly unendurable frisson of a gift from the Goddess, a voice as beautiful as the Goddess herself.

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