Duties of the Job: Can’t Pick & Choose

23 Jul

Political correctness, religious rights and discrimination pouncing have reached a new low of ridiculousness.

A woman interviewing for a job categorically states that she refuses to do one of the job duties.  Would you hire someone who clearly states they won’t do ALL of the duties required to do the job.  Aren’t the duties actually the job?

Well, she didn’t get hired (duh!) and now she’s suing the employer on the basis of religious discrimination.  WTF?  Oh, yeah, because she can’t sue on the basis that she refused to do the job as required.

She has a religious aversion to birth control pills, yet part of the job required her to write prescriptions for those who ask for birth control pills.  I’m fine with her religious aversion, but why would someone with such an attitude want a job that requires them to do the very thing they are against?

I have an aversion to the Hooters’ uniform.  One, I think it’s an ugly color and, two, they don’t have one big enough to fit me.  So, should I march my fat ass down to Hooters, ask for a job but tell them I refuse to wear the uniform (I’ll wear what I damn well please!), and then be surprised when they don’t hire me?  Of course not!  Instead of admitting that I can’t do all the job requirements, I’m going to sue Hooters on the basis of weight discrimination. And waste a lot of tax payer dollars while I’m about it.

Now, if I applied for the Hooters job, didn’t say anything about the uniform not fitting, in fact was eager to wear their humiliating uniform, and the manager told me, “We don’t hire people as heavy as you,” then my lawyer would definitely be in contact and my bank account would be looking pretty healthy.

As the article succinctly states:

[She] feels that a woman’s right to have access to birth control of their own choosing when going to a medical facility is trumped by her religious freedom to persecute women for taking such a proactive approach to their health, and that by not hiring her the clinic is violating her religious freedom to follow through on that condemnation.

The employer has the right to decide what skills, knowledge and abilities are required to do the job, as well as what makes up the duties of the job (as long as such duties are not illegal and birth control pills are legal).  If a job seeker doesn’t have the skills, knowledge or ability to do the job, they obviously won’t be hired.  And if a job seeker patently refuses to do any part of the job, well, obviously no job for that jobless idiot.  If her religious views hadn’t been known before she got the job and she then refused to do what she’d been hired to do (i.e., write birth control pill prescriptions), she would naturally be fired for non-performance.
The concept is the same.  Either way, no job for her and “imbecile” needs to be stamped on her forehead.MeanPharmacist-300x263Court dismissed!

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  1. The HooDoo Honey July 23, 2014 at 2:31 PM #

    she should work for my boss. He hired an assistant for me that refuses to assist and he’s okay with that

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