Spring Cleaning Runs Amok!

22 Apr

Back in March, I posted the following on my FB fan page (or whatever they’re calling non-personal FB accounts now-a-days):

I returned from Utah, unpacked, and finished 6 months worth of housework, during which time my creativity decided to take a holiday and has yet to return. I know the conclusion of an intensive, long-term project (like taking care of my grandmother) can deflate the euphoria of success, but it’s been nearly 3 months. What do you do to get out of this kind of funk?

I figured I needed about a year to straighten myself out.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:




A cubyhole for my gift boxes now exists. Not really exciting to anyone but me, but it is hopefully a breakthrough from the fug in which I’ve been drifting).

Progress never ends!

(BWT, that’s a custom order (one of 8 different projects!) for a “tree of love” being roughed out on my external disc drive; can you find the 3 structural hearts?  The large open spaces will have dangling crystal hearts in birthstone colors!  Seems like my bread-and-butter for the past 9 months have been custom orders; blessings to everyone who gave me such exciting projects.)  🙂 Progress

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