Govino, Grandma!

4 Dec

My Grandmother has a hard time grasping objects because her left hand is paralyzed and the fingers of her right hand are numb with very little sensation.

After she dropped her glass of orange juice and I finished cleaning up the glass, I started the search for something that wouldn’t break.  What I found was flexible, shatterproof, recyclable stemless wine glasses by Govino.  The skinniest version would work best, we thought, and bought 4 stemless champagne flutes.


They have a handy indent for her thumb.  Here she is, enjoying a glass of ice tea.


This one’s for you, Stephanie!  Mwah!winesign

One Response to “Govino, Grandma!”

  1. Andrea from Beadmask December 4, 2013 at 12:52 PM #

    Excellent problem solving there! And please tell your grandma that I think she is beautiful!

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