Moonrise at Sunset

18 Sep

Iron County, Utah, is aptly named:  the land is suffused with iron ore that lends the surface a delightful rusty-red hue, made even more beautiful by the setting sun.

Yesterday the moon rose in the East as sunset approached in the West, turning the tops of the clouds into molten gold:

Moonrise at Sunset


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  1. gt281 September 20, 2013 at 1:01 AM #

    “The game between the Boston Buffoons and the Cleveland Clowns is just about to begin and there isn’t a star in the clear blue sky. That may change though if we go into extra innings, but that’s not expected to happen today. We have Scrathin’ Balls on the mound today for the Buffoons and Chew Din Spit for the Clowns. Both have gone 22 innings without trying to renegotiate their 50 million dollar contracts.”

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