Baseball Spits!

18 Sep

My Grandmother loves to watch sports on TV, especially baseball and basketball.  She follows the Colorado Rockies and the Utah Jazz.  Sometimes I will watch the Rockies with her, and I haven’t yet found a single player, including among their opponents, who does not spit.

What they are chewing and what they are spitting is of little relevance to me.  I can’t stand to watch them do it!  And they do it everywhere.  The pitcher’s mound, the bull pen, the dugout (don’t get me started on what else has hit the floor there; it’s a veritable pig’s pen of trash), while playing on the field, running through the bases, or watching from the side lines.  No place is exempt from gobs of disgusting saliva of varying consistency and color.

The players, for the most part, look like pretty decent, fairly clean men…until they spit.  Is it a nervous thing?  I’ve noted some of the weird rituals the players engage in, from the way they swing their bat before bringing it to bear on the ball to the finger licking, head pounding, ball rubbing, cap adjusting and shoulder shrugging of different pitchers, to say nothing of the mitt-over-the-mouth conferences on the mound.

I’d like baseball a lot more if the guys would keep their spit to themselves!cheersign

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