More Reasons to Join the Etsy Sit-Out on September 21st

15 Sep

There are currently 1,240 responses to Etsy’s decision to revamp the rating system and the latest change they intend to mamke.  If you want to read all the responses, I invite you to start here:

Here’s the official Etsy response:

anee Admin
1:10 pm Sep 12, 2013 EDT edited

Hello again, everyone!

When we launched the new reviews system we heard a lot of feedback. You had (and still have) serious concerns.

These concerns are being repeated in this thread, which tells me just how worried you are about the possible negative effects of this system on your shop and buyers. We don’t take that lightly.Everything you’ve said is valuable, even if we can’t announce all the changes you’re looking for.

This time around, we focused on one request, and it was a big one: sellers felt they didn’t have enough of a voice and should be able to reply to unfair reviews.

We are open to making other changes, and when they happen, they will be announced. We are even open to changing the way seller responses work based on the feedback you guys have given us in this thread.

I can’t give specific updates, I apologize — I don’t have that information, and neither does the development team, since many of these iterations rely on data and observation that we haven’t had enough time to gather.

However, I know you need to make decisions about the future of your business, so I hope you can allow me to be direct here. I know you don’t like sugarcoating.The changes you want MAY [emphasis added] come, but they may not look entirely the way you want them to.

Changes are unlikely to come before we’ve enough time to observe how buyers and sellers are using the new system, and gauge any positive or negative impact.

Some things you are requesting may not happen. Abandoning reviews completely and going back to the old system is unlikely.

It’s been a very productive thread for us, lots of thorough, balanced suggestions explained in clear ways. It’s helped.

We’ll still be around, but I wanted to let you know I appreciate the conversations we’ve had. Thanks for that!

I particularly “liked” the part that reads:  “data and observation that we haven’t had enough time to gather”.  Isn’t 1,239 people screaming “we hate it” enough “data and observation”?  Most of the suggested changes (including mine below) don’t require any “data and observation”.  This is just another Etsy dodge and ditch.

Here are some valid points being made in the forum:

Patrick from ThePickingPair
11:31 am Sep 11, 2013 EDT

Can we address the issue of no feedback being left at all? I was already at less than 35% feedback prior to this change (despite exemplary customer service), and now i haven’t received a feedback in a month and a half. Can you ‘bigwigs’ please stop intentionally making it harder on the sellers?

Rosie from CuriosAnCollectibles
4:36 am Sep 12, 2013 EDT

I just had someone convo me this morning, the 12th very happy with her purchase saying she can’t leave a review until 21st – will she remember or be too busy by then?

Why the time lapse? If a buyer is happy we want their input right away – but if they are not so happy is a “cooling off” period better?

Bea from Retiredhungarian
7:16 am Sep 12, 2013 EDT

I have not received “feedback” in more than a week. Buyers don’t know what “shop review” is. They are still looking for the “Feedback” section. Us sellers need all the feedback we can get……the higher the feedback number………the more buyers we get!!

Sarah Quenon from sarahquenonjewelry
9:10 am Sep 12, 2013 EDT

I hate this system as both a buyer and seller. I don’t understand why there’s a timing process at all for the reviews, what is the logic behind that? I’ve also been a seller on Etsy for 4-5 years now and have never received anything other than a “positive” and now I have 3 stars for a transaction that the buyer even said I had good customer service on.

Toni Cartisano from ToniCartisano
11:40 am Sep 11, 2013 EDT

Several sellers have commented on this forum that they received three stars with a great review. The “I love it..shipped quickly” along with a three star review is hard to respond to. What does the seller say to the customer?

Michelle from FestiveHomeDecor
12:58 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT edited

I don’t believe reaching out to buyers regarding why they left 3 or 4 (not 5) stars a great is a approach at all. I’ve already seen instances while reviewing other’s feedback where buyers have edited their review lower and specifically wrote as the reason that they were “harassed” by the seller to edit the review/star rating. And I certainly don’t want to ever receive such emails from sellers

Joe Papendick from joepapendick
11:46 am Sep 11, 2013 EDT

What’s the remedy for “Absolutely loved it! Thanks so much!” … 3 Stars.

Veronica from VeronicaRussekJoyas
11:47 am Sep 11, 2013 EDT

While I appreciate that sellers are now able to respond to low feedbacks, please, please, please change the wording on the leave feedback page to encourage positivity… Right now, one of the questions is what buyers dislike about the item…

Etsy encourages positivity in general, and negativity within the site has been frowned upon before… So please make this change!

Also, please reduce the window of time buyers have to edit feedback, and please make it so that it can only be upgraded to more stars and not downgraded if it is a positive.

Nicole from nicolehill
11:54 am Sep 11, 2013 EDT

Thanks for the update Heather.

I know this is a thread focused on responses to reviews, but can I ask whether you plan to notify users (buyers and sellers) of the changes to the system? I’ve had buyers ask me how to leave feedback now, and I know I’m not the only one.

I know you sent out some emails on this, but not everyone got one (I didn’t, on this account, despite being signed up to receive updates on changes to Etsy) – I think it would be really helpful if you and the team could consider additional ways to raise awareness of this. Not everyone reads the forum or Etsy’s blog, especially if they aren’t sellers here. It’s clearly something you and your team have put a lot of work into, I think you should make sure everyone knows about it!

I’m signed up for Etsy e-mail notifications and coorespondence, too, and didn’t hear a thing about this until the fat was in the fire.

Teresa from CreativeTreasuresUK
12:07 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT

I might have missed the point somewhere, but, if a buyer leaves a poor review, the seller then contacts that buyer and resolves the situation, can the buyer not then edit their review to a better one, or is it locked to any further editing/conversation?

Slightly off, but I have suggested it in other threads…rather than an over-estimated delivery time guessed timespan passing before reviews are opened…can there be a button on the buyers purchase to indicate that the item has arrived which, once clicked, would then enable that buyer to leave their review.

Julia from StelmaDesigns
8:33 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT

I’m so sorry to say this but this entire review system and the way it is worded and even explained makes me feel that as a seller we are potential bad guys and that the system is to protect the buyers in some way as maybe we can’t be trusted? That may not be etsy “designers of the review systems” intention at all, but it really comes off that way to me.

Erin from LythaStudios
12:08 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT edited

Can you add some sort of notification process if a review is edited after it was initially posted. If a buyer has a problem, and edits a review because of it, but doesn’t contact the seller, we’d have no way of knowing and offering customer service.

I’m aware that a notice comes up in the activity feed, but it is not helpful. My activity feed moves too quickly to keep up with. And the link doesn’t take you to the review that was changed, just the reviews page. If you have 100 packages of active, editable reviews, you’d never be able to find it.

Erin from LythaStudios
12:08 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT edited

Can you add some sort of notification process if a review is edited after it was initially posted. If a buyer has a problem, and edits a review because of it, but doesn’t contact the seller, we’d have no way of knowing and offering customer service.

I’m aware that a notice comes up in the activity feed, but it is not helpful. My activity feed moves too quickly to keep up with. And the link doesn’t take you to the review that was changed, just the reviews page. If you have 100 packages of active, editable reviews, you’d never be able to find it.

Sharon from ShaktiBeads
2:52 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT

The way the system is set up now, and with all the posts about buyers saying they “love it” but leaving 3-4*,…. clearly they don’t know what the star ratings mean.

Etsy if you are H#l@ bent on keeping these ugly stars..please please make it so buyers know what a 3-4 star rating is.

Cherry from CherryHillsBridal
3:47 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT

I see this eventually morphing into the situation E-bay has now. The buyers there are terrified of bad ratings and most now say “5 stars please” in their communications. Some even have printed cards they add to packages specifically BEGGING to be given 5 stars. You guys are going to end up with alot of people complaining about harrassment and spam..

Anne from CreaturesNorthwest
3:25 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT

The wait period needs to go altogether. Whatever benefit it might posiibly have is far outweighed by the fact that many buyers get their items way in advance of their ability to leave feedback, which means they are likely to foget (or simply not be motivated) to return to do so.

TimeInFantasy from TimeInFantasy
10:20 pm Sep 11, 2013 EDT

Dear Etsy Admin,

If you are trying to leave a feedback for a seller, in the text box where you entered a comment, Etsy asks the buyer “What do you like about this item? Did it ship on time?”

Please REMOVE the “Did it ship on time” when suggesting to buyers what feedbacks to leave.

For most buyers, “Did it ship on time” literally means “did the package arrives in their houses by the date they expected it to be, and not if the seller shipped the package out and follows her processing time. By suggesting to buyers that they should comment on the shipping time of the item in review, we risk to receive comments like: “The package didn’t arrive in time for Christmas” but the buyer only placed an order on Dec 22.

Please remove the the question “Did it ship on time” question for buyers when they comment on a review.

Olivier and Artemisa from LarimarAndSilver
9:37 am Sep 12, 2013 EDT

Try to review a Picasso,… a Rembrandt, a Modigliani….

Reviewing is totally against the concept of artistic and one-o-a-kind items….
Etsy is focusing everything on the fact that we are first sellers, when in reality we are first artisans and creators… all the “selling aspect” should be “smart, simple and stupid” to give us the time to focus on our creations…

But no!, instead of that simplicity, everything here is each day more and more and more complicated and ABSOLUTELY LESS PRODUCTIVE…

Susan from susantique
10:59 am Sep 12, 2013 EDT

However Etsy decides to proceed from here, I believe simplicity and ease of use must prevail. Too many details, too many deadlines, too much lag time, too many rules bog down what should be a simple process.

It’s like pumping gas…there are so many prompts to something that should be so simple.

How are you paying?
Is it a debit card?
What is your zip code?
Do you want an additive?
Do you want a car wash?
Clerk has your receipt.

Why make people work so hard for something so simple? All of those prompts for a couple of gallons of gas. Why?

People have busy lives and the main benefit from shopping online is to streamline and make shopping easier and less time consuming. Adding a complicated review system seems counterproductive. That’s my opinion, anyway.

marsea Star
1:42 pm Sep 12, 2013 EDT

and i agree! when i am done pumping fuel, i move on down the road! i am not going back to that station weeks later to give them my opinion!

when i am done with my transaction i am DONE! next moment! the world is turning and there is more to life than etsy! let me give my feedback as soon as my pkg. arrives!!!! let me say how i feel in my own words and let it be simple: positive, neg or neut.

And, of course, I had to add my ten cents:

Kat from TheDreamFaire
11:11 am Sep 12, 2013 EDT

I think the changes being implemented with respect to seller feedback is a step in the right direction. However, to restore usefulness and functionality to the feedback/review system, additional changes are needed:

1. Add a tab for purchases ready to be reviewed (so the reviewer/purchaser does not have to search through every purchase to see which, if any, are ready).

2. Add a tab for purchases not yet ready to be reviewed (so the reviewer/purchaser can track those purchases that may not have been delivered yet, or leave a review for purchases received before the ready for review date (see item 3 below)).

3. For purchases falling under item 2 above, add a “received” check box that, when checked, allows the reviewer/purchaser to immediately leave a review when a purchase is received before the ready to review date.

4. Add a tab for purchases ready for review that are about to expire (within 5 days would be reasonable) so opportunities to leave feedback are not lost.

5. Add a tab for reviews receiving ratings of 3 or less stars so sellers can quickly identify reviews to which they might like to respond/discuss.

6. Restore capability to leave multiple reviews; some purchases do not need highly individualized/personalized responses (i.e., craft supply purchases).

Except for items 3 and 6, these changes are simple sorting functions.

These changes will help buyers to track delivery/non-delivery and leave timely reviews for purchases without having to look through every page of purchases to hunt down those requiring action, as well as help sellers keep on top of potential problem areas.

This pretty much sums up the feelings of the majority of sellers on Etsy:

Carolyn from Lionfishvintage
1:13 pm Sep 12, 2013 EDT

Etsy- As you can see, this greatly affects our customers!!

Not only are WE stressed out, our CUSTOMERS are too!!

Etsy has an agenda, it not going to tell anyone what it is, and is not going to deviate from it. The only feelings Etsy cares about is the feeling of money falling into their hands. Send them a message: Close up shop and do not buy anything from Etsy on September 21st!


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