Join the Etsy Sit-Out on September 21st

14 Sep

Talking to Etsy is like being made to sit in the corner and then banging your head into two walls simultaneously.  It’s uselessly abusive, counter-productive, and hurts like hell!

Etsy is well on its way to becoming the WalMart of craft supplies, and they pay as much attention to their customers’ desires and dislikes as a parent with a naughty child.  Well, we “naughtly children” are fed up with being ignored and are going to send a message to Etsy that will hit them in their bank account, the only sure way to get their attention.

I received the following message today, and I fully intend to participate.  I hope you will, too.

Dear Fellow Etsian:

After reading 100’s of posts regarding the new feedback system and THEN reading the response from the administration I am convinced that the administration is committed to the new system and does not respect our concerns… so, In response I propose a collective “Vacation Day,” September 21st.


The idea is like an old fashion “Sit-in” to link arm in arm…. sellers will put their shop on vacation for 24-hours, and buyers refrain from shopping that day. We hope to show Etsy that we have strength in numbers. (If your shop is already on vacation – looks like we will be joining you 🙂

Please spread the word via convo, email, FB, twitter, and blogs.

No need to convo back, unless you want to 🙂 Just delete or pass on… whatever you are comfortable with. We understand its not for everyone. 🙂

Thank you! All the best.

Most of my time nowadays is spent taking care of my Grandmother, but the minute I have the time, I’m jumping off the sinking Etsy ship and moving my business to StorEnvy.  In the meantime, I intend to nag Etsy on every opportunity that presents itself.BADETSY


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