Meet “Larry”

26 May

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, my friend, Alice, and I went out to lunch.  And drank 3 Margaritas.  We didn’t feel like going back to work, so we called to let our supervisors know we were taking a “mental health” break (we had great bosses!).

In our slightly inebriated state, we decided that we wanted a friend of ours, Larry, to come play with us, but he was swamped and couldn’t get away.   We were very disappointed.  So we drank some more Margaritas and went to our favorite gardening center, Lucas Nursery.

Even without the aid of liquor, Alice and I are both very gregarious and outgoing, not afraid to talk to strangers.   So as we wandered around the lot (trailing a flat garden cart behind us upon which we would sit and rest), we would give other shoppers the benefit of our knowledge and opinions about different plants.  We were both avid gardeners back then, and we actually knew stuff!

We are both cut-ups, too, especially when we get together; we play off each other and crack ourselves up with our wit.  A very merry pair of Fools are we!

That day I purchased an orchid (which Alice agreed to keep at her house, in the company of a hundred other orchids) and an Amaryllis bulb.  We potted the Amaryllis and named it “Larry,” after out absent friend.

Now, we had a lot of complaints about “Larry,” because he made lots of beautiful leaves but didn’t bloom.  You can be assured we got a lot of mileage out of  this observation!  We later learned that the Amaryllis likes to be a bit crowded before it will bloom.  And eventually the bulb grew large enough and send up its first bloom; we were so happy with “Larry”.

“Larry” now holds a special place in my heart, because our friend, Larry, died a few years ago.  When “Larry” blooms, I think of my dear friend.

“Larry” bloomed yesterday and I took some photos early this morning before the water drops left by the irrigation system evaporated.






“Larry” sure is a pretty fellow!amaryllissign


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