A&F CEO Mike Jeffries: One Uncool Dude

17 May

I’ve never seen, much less been in, an Abercrombie and Fitch store, and I’m pretty much against “politically correct” mania, but even I can agree that the “current” CEO of A&F, an advertising nightmare named Mike Jeffries, recently exercised his fugly facial muscles and expelled into the world a foul breath of pollution that wasn’t just politically incorrect, but also insanely stupid.  Spitting in the faces of 80% of the world’s population is a very poor marketing strategy, especially when his own less-than-charming appearance puts him smack dab in the middle of that 80% (take a look at this mug!):


I’m not the only one who finds this dude disgusting; Kirsty Alley is spitting mad.  The gentleman in the following video, however, has hit upon the perfect way to send this uncool dude an unforgettable message:

Some people are just too dumb to be merely stupid; this dude is clearly “deaf” to reality, but he’s not actually as “dumb” as I’d prefer.  Obviously, someone should have hit his “mute” button, right before they kicked his loser butt to the a filthy street; Skid Row probably wouldn’t even take him.  Poor “current” A&F CEO jerk; can’t wait to see who replaces him.


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