Playing with Alcohol (Ink!)

15 May

I’ve had these marvelous brass laser-cut dragonfly wings (anatomically perfect) for a century (okay, maybe 4 years) and I finally decided what I wanted to do with them.

I put on a pair of gloves and finger-patted white gesso on both sides, and when dry, I played with Adirondack’s alcohol inks.  What fun!  What a mess!  What fun!

This is a view of the backs:


And here are the fronts; they will make very pretty pendants, don’t you think?


This may become an armband, or maybe a tiara:


Here’s a closeup:


And here’s the mess!

The Mess

I’m going to do another coating later, then add some bling bling (and a protective layer of lacquer); for now I’m off to clean my hands–hopefully (because, yes, I put on gloves to do the gesso (which is washable with soap and water) and didn’t when I played with the colors (I actually  have no idea how to clean off alcohol ink!))…DragonflySign

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