Beltane’s Arrival

30 Apr

The first day of May has always been such an important date for me.  Not only is this the first faerie festival of the year, it also heralds the arrival of all kinds of young things.

Like these Louisiana walking iris.  I noticed two days ago that there were more buds close to opening than I’ve ever seen on this mound.  Today they opened their fresh faces to the sun and look particularly lovely and vibrant.  The blooms only last one day, but these will flower until Autumn puts them back to sleep.



There are an unusual large amount of young mockingbirds in the neighborhood this year.  When I went to get the mail, two of them were walking down the sidewalk and another was scouring my neighbor’s driveway, eating ants I suppose.  Mockingbirds are very territorial, and the youngsters are already practicing their dive-bombing skills, chasing each other about.

Thank you, Mother Nature!


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