Locker Hooking is Perfectly Legal

25 Feb

I chanced upon a magazine called “GreenCraft” on my way out of the grocery store a few weeks back, and discovered an old craft technique that is just perfect for repurposing all of my silk saris.  It’s called locker hooking and it’s quite easy to do, plus it’s fun.  Spearheading the revival of this 100 year-old crafting technique is Theresa Pulido who has written two books on the subject and offers a blog and an on-line shop, plus videos and patterns, to get you started hooking, legally.

My first project was a size large bangle bracelet following Theresa’s pattern guidelines, and while it turned out very pretty, it’s far too big even for me to wear.  I’ll keep it as a remembrance, while offering my second bangle (which is too small for me, but perfect for the majority of women) for sale:

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Now you know the general direction in which I’ll be taking all my saris that I shredded into ribbon!SariSign

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