Ice Berry Vine

22 Jan

I completed the heart box pendant and two pairs of snail spiral earrings, but I’m waiting on a silk ribbon to hang the heart and the photos I took today of the earrings were all trash.  The light has about as predictable as the weather; so warm and sunny for a few days that the azaleas bloomed, then days of dank and raining greyness.

I know it could be worse.  My Grandmother told me this weekend that it hadn’t gotten above 6°F all week where she lives in southern Utah, and the snow was as hard as stone.  I miss skiing and ice skating, but actual freeze-yer-arse-off snow and cold, so not my scene anymore.

What I did finish today and actually get some useable shots before the sun nose-dived into early oblivion is this Blue Lace Agate cuff bracelet in silver-colored art wire:



It’s listed here for sale.

I think my next project will be in copper metal clay.  I have a ton of templates and texture plates to play with until the ribbon gets here and the sun comes out to stay longer than 10 minutes!beltainefairysign


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