Commission Mission Complete

6 Jan

The commission earrings are finally finished and they look great!  The stop light is an Amandine garnet, the caution light is a Golden Citrine, and the go light is a Chrome Diopside.

IMG_7699IMG_7703IMG_7677IMG_7691 IMG_7689

The sunshine has been a bit iffy here in Central Florida today, but when these babies “see the light”, they really light up!

They are 1 3/16″ long, 3/8″ wide and 3/8″ deep.  I upgraded to Argentium silver ear wires (instead of sterling silver) because Argentium silver resists tarnishing (unlike sterling silver).  Since fine silver doesn’t tarnish, the Argentium silver is more compatible.  The earring measures 1¾” long from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the earring.  Compared to a quarter:


I lined the gift box with pink felt; now the lid fits perfectly:


I’ll be mailing the gift box open as in the last photograph to protect the Swarovski crystals on the lid.  The earrings will be boxed separately and the buyer can transfer the earrings to the gift box, present the earrings and gift box separately as two gifts, or throw out the gift box.  I think it’s cute, but it certainly isn’t as pretty as the earrings.  Me + Polymer Clay = No.  Me + PMC = Yes!

I’m a very pleased little faerie!  I hope my customer is, too.firesign

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