Soon It Will Be Nose to the Grindstone

4 Jan

Or nose to the filing and shaping, more precisely.

Here’s a peek at my commission piece in its first stage of the new design:


The slab is 4.5mm thick (3/16″), 35mm long (1 6/16″) and 11mm wide (7/16″).  The prongs may look crooked, but they’ll be straightened out after firing; the bases of the settings are correctly aligned, which is more important at this stage.


On the back I hallmarked the back of each piece with a heart and “.999FS”, which means 99.9% fine silver.  The heart is for love from the client (and is part of my brand signature, ♥K).


The anti-glare shields are the perfect height and, while the base is drying to the bone dry stage (which may take 24 hours because of thickness) I will file and sand them.  I made them 1/16″ (1.6mm) thick and I have two spares for this delicate next step.

After I file and sand the bases, I’ll adhere the shields, let everything dry for about 8 hours, and pop them in the kiln.

All is going well so far!sparklesign6

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