Fudge It!

12 Dec

I really didn’t expect the E6000 to work, but I still was disappointed that it did not hold.

Since the quick fix didn’t fix anything, I have only two choices:  (1) make a new piece or (2) file the setting larger.

I want to avoid having to make a new piece because I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get the right dimensions.  Remember, metal clay shrinks as the binder burns away, and since both pieces were filed and shaped together before firing, they came out the same size.  Now I have no way to make the same height, length and depth.  I could scrap both earrings and start over again…please NOT!

I wanted to avoid making the setting larger because of space constraints, but I realized that, if making the setting larger ruined the piece, I’d wind up at option (1) anyway.  I had a 50/50 chance of not having to go there.  Out came the needle file again and now I can almost drop the stone all the way through.  This will give me the clearance on the sides of the stone that I need to create a well deep enough that sintered silver overlaps the girdle correctly.

It’s a hell of a hole!


Next I made some fresh metal clay with lavender oil and filled the cavity.  Once it set up, I used a very small circle cutter to remove the center, leaving a wall of clay inside the hole.


Holding my finger under the clay and applying upward pressure, I fit the stone down into the new setting and then smoothed it so the entire girdle of the stone was under clay.  Once dried leather hard, the excess will be removed…very carefully!


The sister earring needs one last cleaning before it’s ready to hang on an ear wire.  The problem child will have to be fired again before I know if it works.

This is definitely not helping my migraine!headachesign

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