Closer and Closer

8 Dec

Last night I created and assembled an anti-glare shield for each setting of my commission:


There’s always a problem child, and I’ll have to sand the crap out of the lower left shield above.



The stone setting places will have to be cleaned out and deepened, and one of the back corners got rounded so it will have to be built up and then sanded down.


Altogether they’re looking pretty fine.

Today, after doing more clean up and refinement, it was time to set the stones:


The problem child, now on the lower left, has been much reduced in size and the arc, although not perfect, is much closer in shape to the other shields.


I love these macro shots; I can see tiny areas that need smoothing that I simply cannot see, even with glasses and a magnifying lens!


Depth of setting for the stones is exactly where it should be so the clay, as it shrinks, will snug itself over the rim of the stone and keep it securely in place.


Look how the stones glow!  Beautiful!happysign

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