Stepping On

7 Dec

After battling an excruciating migraine yesterday and last night, I finally felt well enough to begin preparing the slabs based on my new plan and design.

The seats for the stones are cut with an open back.  It’s hard to see in this pic, but there is a ledge running around the inside of each cut and this is where the bottom of the gem’s crown will sit so that (1) the stone doesn’t fall all the way through and (2) it is at the correct height to secure the stones so they don’t fall out.


Rolling the clay at 4.5mm was causing distortion problems, so I decreased the slab thickness to 3.5mm, about twice the thickness of a nickel:


When these pieces are leather dry and I’ve sanded the pieces smooth, I will create the anti-glare shields and squidge them into place, then pop in the stones.  Once the shields are bone dry I’ll sand them, too, clean any fingerprints, oils, dust or clay from the surfaces of the stones, and them they’ll be ready to pop into the kiln.

I uploaded the heart pendant test piece to my boutique and have received a bit of love and buzz.  The other piece, not so much but I’m not surprised because the stone’s color is too dark.

I’m happy with all the progress so far, though, and my head is buzzing with ideas for more PMC jewelry.snoopyhappydancesign

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