A New Day, A New Plan

5 Dec

So I was proven wrong yesterday, and today is a new day.

I started out with a new plan to rebuild the earrings using a single rectangle of clay vs a 4 sided box in trying to lessen the weight as asked by my customer.  I planned to build bezels for each stone, as I did in the test, which would necessarily required an increase the width of the front/back from 10mm to 12mm because the bezel adds about one millimeter on either side of the stone.  I also planned to add a bit more space vertically between each stone to make it easier to attach the shields.

The first step was building a set of 6 bezels, one at a time:


They came out beautifully.  However, when I created a new template I ran into a few problems.

Using the bezels, I would need to increase the height of the earring from 26mm to 42mm and the width from 10mm to 14mm.  That’s just too damn big (see sketch 1 below).


Keeping the same width, I moved the bezels closer and reduced the 42mm to 38mm; still not good enough (see sketch 2 above).

In the third sketch I removed the bezels and decreased the width from 14mm to 12mm and the height from 38mm to 32mm (see sketch 3 above), but I really wanted to stay as close as possible to the size of the original design (the template in green in sketch 4).  I really hadn’t left enough room between the stones in the original design, though, which had forced me to place the anti-glare shields directly along the edge of the stones, creating very weak adhesion.  Increasing the height from 26mm to 32mm will give me the room I need without making the piece overly large.  I can use the bezels for other jewelry projects, so all I lost was a day futzing around with the bezels.

Tomorrow I will start with a 4.5mm thick slab measuring 10mm by 32mm, and bore holes that go clear through the slab so that light will radiate and show from both the back and the front of each piece.  I’ll then build and adhere the shields, after which I’ll set the stones, dry, sand and clean before firing.

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