Test Blast

4 Dec

The test of the reflective properties of light on stones set in silver precious metal clay (PMC) that I planned and started yesterday was completed tonight.

And I had a blast doing it!

The heart has a backless setting and the pomegranate tree plaque does not:



These pictures show that, regardless of which pendant is closer to the light source, the stone in the heart reflects light better even though it is set flush on my work table.  As I was polishing the pieces, I noticed that the heart stone reflected light from off of my skin; I think that even with long hair worn down, more light will be reflected (perhaps off the neck) if I create the earrings with an open back.

This means that I was WRONG yesterday and I am so glad I took the time to do this test.

After I buff these pieces and put them on chains, they’ll be offered for sale at my on-line boutique.garnetfairysign

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