A Change in Plans

3 Dec

I became concerned about the weight of my commission earrings, and expressed this to my client.  While I don’t find the earrings too heavy, as they are currently may not be comfortable for wearing for long periods.

My client expressed an interest in lowering the weight, and we discussed the options.  The option we select, we decided, will be based on the reflected light of the stone when the setting is (1) open backed (client’s choice) or (2) closed back (my recommendation).  Because the recipient has long hair that is worn down, an open back will, IMO, reflect the darkness behind the earring.  I think that a stone backed by silver will not only reflect light off the silver from the front, but as the light is reflected the color of the gemstone will also be reflected.

Notice that “I think” my recommendation is correct.  To be sure, I am test firing these two pieces tomorrow:


The stone in the heart has an open back and the other stone does not.  It will be interesting to see the results of this test.  Note:  I have cleaned up the test victims now that they are at the dried leather stage and will fire them tomorrow after they reach the bone dry state.

Some artists wouldn’t have concerned themselves about the weight, much less scrapped a well-progressed design in trying to solve the potential problem, but this is my first PMC project and my philosophy is I live to learn; it helps me learn to live.

Stay tuned!PMCfairysign

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