Cleaning Up the Details

1 Dec

This is how my commission project looks as of today:


I see I need to clean the bottom opening and remove some specks from the green stone.  I’m going to leave the rim of clay sitting on the stones under the anti-glare shields to help keep the stones in place.  I’ve included a nickel for size perspective.


Here I can see that the anti-glare shield for the right hand yellow stone is not coming down far enough; this wasn’t obvious in yesterday’s macros.  I’ve finally gotten a stable loop on the right hand piece, but it needs a bit of reinforcement at the connection point.


Here I can see that I need to remove more clay from the outer edge of the bottom yellow stone.


Here I can see I corrected the problem with the red shield on the left hand piece, but the problem hasn’t been resolved for the green stone shield.  I can see clearly, again, that the yellow shield on the right hand piece needs work, and I’m also concerned about the edges of the green shield; they’re too square and the edges need to be brought back out to a half-round.  There is also a small blemish on the right hand piece, and all the stones need more cleaning.

Here is a snap of me wearing one of the earrings using a trial ear wire:


I was concerned about the weight.  I estimate not more than 10 grams each based on the amount of clay I started with and the amount I’ve reduced to dust.  They don’t feel heavy to me, but I am used to wearing big, bold earrings.  If my customer feels they are too heavy, I have a plan to rebuild the earrings to be lighter.  It’ll involve starting over, but should only set me back a week.

Almost there!snoopyhappydancesign

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