A Few Steps Later

30 Nov

Early this morning I continued my commission project by thoroughly sanding the top, bottom and 3 sides of each box, and attaching the anti-glare shields to the front and fourth side.  This second step was as difficult as I knew it would be, given the tiny, thin nature of the shields and my mole-like eyesight:


I filled and reinforced the shields next:


This is the first sanding of the front piece and cleaning of the stones using rubbing alcohol; it’ll need to be done again, but is a good start considering the photo directly above!


Being able to take very close up macro photos as I work has been very helpful.  I can see in the photo below I will need to adjust the curvature of the red and green shades of the box on the left:


I have still to set the loop in the box on the left.  I drilled this one first and drilled the hole a wee bit too big, so I’ve filled it in and will need it to be bone dry before I re-drill and insert the loop.  I’m using pure silver embeddable loops, so as long as they’re snug, they’ll be fine.

I’m getting very excited about the kiln firing, which will be later tomorrow or Sunday.holdinglightsign

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