Silver Metal Clay Project

29 Nov

Now that I’m finished trying to burn down the house, I got busy with the PMC3 for the commission I’m working on.  First I cut out the front piece and set the stones.  I’m using an Almadine garnet for the red light, a golden topaz for the yellow, and a really great chrome diopside for the green.

The piece on the left is dry, the one on the right is fresh.

I then created all the other pieces for each box:

Everything is very rough and drying at this stage.  You can see how there will be anti-glare shields over each stone.

Here the bottom, sides and top of the box have been joined:

The joints were all filled with slip and filed again after the base was dry.  Now the front has been added; it will need to dry and then the filling and filing begins again:

I’ll be backfilling the stones so they are secure before I add the anti-glare shields.  Not looking too pretty at this point, but coming along satisfactorily.  Doing a happy dance!


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