Crochet Madness Can Be Cured But Is Not The Cure I Needed

13 Nov

I began my odyssey in crochet because I wanted to use up my giant stash of fantasy yarns.

Today I finished creating draft listings for 16 new crochet items and I need to do another four.  A full day of photography will come next.  Here’s a list of what’s coming so far:

  • Circle Scarf in Red & Black Crocheted Yarn: “Electric Crimson”
  • Long Loop Scarf in Black & Pink Crochet Yarn: “Tea Rose”
  • Infinity Scarf in Green Crochet Eyelash Yarn: “Mallard”
  • Eternity Scarf in Sparkling Brown Crocheted Yarn: “Sable”
  • Loop Scarf in Winter Hues Crocheted Boucle Yarn: “Wild Berries”
  • Crocheted Circle Scarf in Cotton Candy Boucle Yarn: “Sprinkles”
  • Long Circle Scarf in Blue and Green Eyelash Yarn: “Deep Sea”
  • Bold Red Yellow & Green Novelty Yarn Eternity Scarf: “Nasturtiums”
  • Rainbow Colored Long Circle Crochet Scarf: “Saltwater Taffy”
  • Purple Multi-Function Crochet Circle Scarf: “Plum Loco”
  • Bright Colors Infinity Eyelash Yarn Scarf: “Peach Confetti”
  • Pastel Yarn Long Crochet Circle Scarf: “Baby Parrot”
  • Purple & Green Long Eternity Crochet Scarf: “Violet Parrot”
  • Fun Blue & Pink Fingerless Gloves Mittens: “One Boy, One Girl”
  • Purple & Fuchsia Circle Infinity Crochet Scarf: “Grapevine”
  • Crocheted Fingerless Cuff Hand Warmers: “Deep Woods”

There was one thing I hadn’t considered when I began this herculean effort:  I haven’t actually made more room because I simply turned a stash of yarn balls into a stash of yarn objects!

To make matters worse, everyone on the Fantasy Artists of Etsy Team has noticed a significant drop in shop and listing visits.  I tried Etsy’s Ad Search feature and spent $12.38 for 11,267 “impressions” (i.e., display of one of my listings at the top of an Etsy search page that a prospective buyer may or may not even look at, or click for more info) that resulted in only 55 views (i.e., click on one of my listings at the top of an Etsy search page) and only two listings favorites once buyers got to my store.  NO sales.  That’s a miserable return on my investment.  Less than a penny (.001) is great for the number of impressions, but with only .4% click-through those impressions obviously didn’t get to my target buyers, and that tenth of a penny turns into 22 cents per actual exposure.

The artist in me struggles on….

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