Crochet Madness Continues

29 Oct

My New Year’s resolution (which I made in April after the flood forced me to move and reorganize my work center) was to buy no more supplies for my creative endeavors (except commissions), but to get busy and use what I already have, and don’t think this puts me in a tough spot ‘cuz I have enough gemstones, beads, ribbon, clay, wire, suede, yarn, etc., to fill a good-sized notions store.

I’ve concentrated on using my stash of fantasy yarns that are now stored in a blue 18 gallon tote box.  The box is sitting on the floor of my new work room because there is no place to stash it, and I’m trying to avoid re-cluttering my work space, and indeed my whole house!  My choices are to get rid of the yarn by (a) selling it as destash, (b) donating it to charity, or (c) using it to create.  I picked (c), of course.  I am discouraged, though, because I have barely made a dent in the hoard even though I’ve made 15 new fiber crochet items (in addition to 8 wire crochet items):

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What’s a witchy girl to do?  A few magic words (and a lot of re-winding yarn from around cardboard constructs into nice compact balls and organizing the yarns into zip pouch bags) and viola!  The box now only looks 90% full.  I call that real progress!

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