Being Beat by the Averages

25 Oct

I published a small mathematical exercise about the sudden increase in business generated by The Dream Faire, my on-line boutique.

Then Etsy changed (again) how customers search for items; they now call it “Browse”.

One problem, which is admittedly an ongoing problem, is people teaming to artificially boost the statistics for other members of the team.  I despise people who game the system like this, not only because I don’t think it is ethical, but also because it radically affects the visibility given to non-members.

Case in point are my own statistics:

Statistical Pool After Rehab After Browse Change
Shop Views 716 518 -28%
Item Views 1,921 1,765 -8%
Shop Favorites 14 20 +42%
Item Favorites 195 221 +13%
# of Orders 6 3 -50%
Revenue Y Z -72%

Admittedly the month of October isn’t quite over, but I don’t expect these numbers to change much.

I really, truly hate the process of selling stuff.  IMO, marketing is mostly targeted fibbing and if I could have marketing outlawed, I would.  I would also require that raising children be added to in-school driver’s education, rounding up prices.  Pricing something as $49.99 is a psychological attempt to encourage people to think the price is $49; just price it at $50 and quit playing games with pennies, and WTF is up with gas being priced down to a percentage of a penny?

Best not go there tonight; I’m far too discouraged.


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  1. Winter Owls October 26, 2012 at 1:16 AM #

    At least people are finding you, hardly anyone seems to visit me………..

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