Some Days I’m Smart, Some Days I Aren’t

16 Oct

Do you love it when the obvious finally pops out at you, or do you feel a bit sheepish that it didn’t occur to you from the first?  I feel a little of both and I bet you do, too.

For instance, I’ve been on a wire crochet kick and working with thin wire, twisting and pulling, hooking and holding, is an excellent way to turn your fingers into swollen sausages with scrapes and cuts that are usually only achieved when you dig yourself out of an early grave (sigh).  With shredded fingernails clipped down to the quick, the nerves in the tender tips start screaming every time you look at a crochet hook.  It’s also an excellent way to turn your eyes into blurry bits of glass shards.  Why am I inflicting this hurt upon myself?  Is this current “kick” a compulsion or obsession?  A bit of both, I think, with a hint masochism and a dash of creativity thrown in.

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And then, suddenly last night, after once again smothering my aching digits with Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream and having no patience to rub it all in, it occurred to me that the perfect solution to the gooey mess was my pair of cotton gloves that came in a Burt’s Bee Hand Repair Kit.

The minute I put them on, POW!  Having tried finger guards and different types of tape to protect my friendless fingers, the solution to the underlying problem hit me between the eyes (really, I was so excited, I nearly poked myself in the eye!).  The cotton gloves provide an excellent barrier between skin and wire while allowing me complete control and letting the wire slip over and around my fingers with oily ease (and I know because I immediately got out a steel crochet hook and some wire to prove it true).  My fingers started feeling better immediately, but this solution did nothing for my bloodshot eyes.

Most days the faerie of inspiration seems to run faster than I can, but every once in awhile I catch her!  Now where is that deranged eye faerie muse hiding?

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  1. Shelley Sullivan October 16, 2012 at 2:06 PM #

    Don’t you just love those “AH HA” Moments??!!!! Clever!

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