A Wisp of Whiskers

8 Aug

I love to do custom jewelry orders and no material is too weird or strange for me to work.

My latest order was to create a bracelet for my nurse, Tracy, out of the whiskers she collects from her three cats and one dog.  Every day she finds at least one, and she’s been collecting them in a little box.

She suggested that braiding the whiskers might be nice, but each whisker is far too short to braid and incorporating new lengths of braid into a rope is impossible with rigid whiskers.  My solution was to join 3 to 4 whiskers into a tiny seed bead and connect it to another 3 to 4 whiskers too create longer lengths of material.  The end result was rather spiky and I had no confidence that the hypo-cement I’d used would keep those little buggers connected, so I did some trimming and varnished the braid.

Tracy loved it!

Nice manicure, Tracy!

Sterling silver end caps and a c-clasp complete this one of a kind bracelet.

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