Little Prezzies

28 Jul

I always love it when an artist includes a small gift when I buy something from them, and to that end I’ve been hand-making all the gift boxes I use when someone buys from me.  Sometimes I tuck in a card from my Spa Deck of cards, sometimes I put in a faerie lip gloss, but those aren’t really very personal.

During the flood clean-up I ruthlessly weeded every closet, cupboard, bookcase and dust-collectors, and one of the things I knew I was never going to use was my collection of Simpson & Vail herbed black teas.  I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Tisane drinker; the caffeine in black tea no longer agrees with me.  However, I didn’t want to just throw out these lovely teas.

So I made them into gift sachets!  This batch is made using “Floral Nectar,” a mixture of black tea, lavender liquor, lavender buds, and apricot fruit flavoring.  The scent is tantalizing!

Won’t my women customers be thrilled to receive one of these?  My vote is “YES!”

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