Mindy and Her Thundershirt

28 Jun

My female Yorkshire terrier has been developing an aversion to any loud noises ever since my old satellite service began popping on and off due to bad weather.  This escalated to fear of thunder and then fear of rain, and culminated in fear of closing and opening doors, dropped objects, loud voices, etc.  The poor dear was a shivering, shaking bundle of terror at, literally, the drop of a hat.  What to do?

The Thundershirt came to our rescue!

Since we began using this oh-so-worth-the-money tool about a month ago, Mindy can now sleep through a heavy rain storm without flinching and, as The Dog Whisperer advises, now only has to worry about sleeping, eating and playing.  When a storm starts (and that’s almost every day here in Central Florida), Mindy puts on her bright pink Thundershirt (with my help) and we stand together out on the porch to see (and smell) what is happening.  Her desensitization has been coming along remarkably well and we are both very happy!

Here are some photos of Mindy wearing her Thundershirt:

Mindy has always been afraid of the camera (and its flash), but as you can see from these pictures, her ears and tail are up and she’s not cowering in fear any longer.  Yeah!

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  1. Terry June 28, 2012 at 9:27 PM #

    I have heard of these Thundershirts and thought they made sense, in theory. It’s good to hear this actually works for you. I may try it soon too, as my lil dog has the same problem.

  2. Cindy Ludwig, M.A., KPA-CTP June 29, 2012 at 12:41 AM #

    Try the original – the Anxiety Wrap. The Anxiety Wrap was the first pressure wrap and is the only patented pressure wrap on the market. It was designed by a certified professional dog trainer and T-Touch Practitioner, Susan Sharpe in 2001, eight years before the advent of the Thundershirt. The Anxiety Wrap covers more body surface area and is made of a lighter weight, stretchy fabric that includes adjustable elements to create a customized fit. The Anxiety Wrap comes in 11 sizes whereas the Thundershirt comes in only 7; the Anxiety Wrap can also be custom-sized for extra tiny and extra large dogs. another feature that makes the original Anxiety Wrap a superior product is the amount and location of the velcro closures. The Thundershirt has a lot more velcro and it is located near the dog’s face, which is a drawback for sound-sensitive dogs, which includes almost all dogs with anxiety, whether they have thunderstorm phobia or not. For more information about the Anxiety Wrap and how it compares to the Thundershirt, see this article: http://anxietywrapsays.blogspot.com/2012/02/comparison-of-anxiety-wrap-thundershirt.html

    • dogwalker8 September 2, 2012 at 9:29 PM #

      thanks Cindy, I wrote an article about the thundershirt a long time ago and saw a Ttouch body wrap using an ace bandage, but had never heard of the anxiety wrap. I will add this to my pet care blog.

  3. Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, TTouch Practitioner June 29, 2012 at 11:23 AM #

    As a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and a TTouch Practitioner, I use and recommend the Thundershirt for a range of health and behavioral issues including noise anxiety and storm related phobias. Thundershirt is affordable and easy to find in local pet stores. The simple design is easy for clients to use and adjust and Thundershirt has a high success rate (both with my clients, and with my own dogs). The body wrap technique was originally developed by founder of TTouch Linda Tellington-Jones decades ago. Dog trainers, veterinarians, and TTouch practitioners worldwide use and recommend Thundershirts, and they are even available on the http://www.ttouch.com website.


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